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April 22, 2024

Cutover advances disaster recovery and cloud migrations with AI-generated runbooks

London, UK - April 22, 2024 - Cutover, a leading SaaS solution for Collaborative Automation, is excited to announce its new artificial intelligence (AI) offering to elevate its automated runbooks for IT operations. As recovery, migration and release processes increase in complexity, Cutover’s new AI features advance the platform and bring even greater efficiency to enterprise customers.

Cutover’s automated runbook platform helps enterprises simplify, scale and accelerate failover, cloud migration, release, patching and technology implementations. The templated, automated runbooks connect teams and technology to bring efficiency and reduce risk and cost.

Leveraging GenAI tools such as Amazon Bedrock and Claude from Anthropic, Cutover is applying AI models to advance its automated runbooks for any IT operations and enterprise processes. Cutover will make these new AI features available for customers in a phased roll-out beginning late Q2 2024. This includes summarizing and validating runbook content, proposing runbooks from third party data sources, and improving templated runbooks with suggestions.

“We’re excited to bring new levels of innovation to our SaaS platform and automated runbooks,” states Ky Nichol, CEO of Cutover. He continues, “The power of GenAI can bring exponential benefits, efficiency and cost savings. We’re committed to advancing the Cutover platform and can’t wait to bring our AI features to market in the coming months.”

To learn more about Cutover’s AI enhancements, visit www.cutover.com/ai-enabled-runbooks or email info@cutover.com

About Cutover

Cutover’s Collaborative Automation SaaS platform enables enterprises to simplify complexity, streamline work, and increase visibility. Cutover’s automated runbooks connect teams, technology, and systems, increasing efficiency and reducing risk in IT disaster and cyber recovery, cloud migration, release management, and technology implementation. Cutover is trusted by world-leading institutions, including the three largest US banks and three of the world’s five largest investment banks.

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