What is a runbook?

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Traditionally, a runbook is defined as “a compilation of routine procedures and operations that the system administrator or operator carries out” usually relating to the operation of a computer system or network. Today, runbooks are usually electronic, although paper runbooks that have to be updated by hand have been used for incredibly complex tasks, including landing on the moon! 

But Cutover runbooks can be used for much more than routine procedures, without the manual effort - the Cutover platform is used by major organizations for their operational resilience activities, application releases, cloud migrations, platform implementations, and more. So what is a Cutover runbook and why is it different?


What is a Cutover Runbook?

A Cutover runbook is a dynamic to-do list. It brings together the teams, tools, and tasks involved in a program of work in order -  from the very first task at the top to the last at the bottom.What is a Runbook? Dynamic to-do list

Still use your existing runbooks - just import them

They’re simple to create. Import your existing plans via .csv or quickly and easily build new plans from scratch in Cutover. Assign tasks to the people responsible for them and set up task dependencies and timings to ensure that everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when.

When you start the work, in-built communications keep everybody on track - via email, text, or Slack. You can even set up calls and video chats on the platform. Start and finish tasks to notify teams and stakeholders as you make progress, and see exactly how far along in the plan you are without needing to disturb the people doing the work. 

What is a Runbook? In-built communications

Integrate and automate your runbook

Cutover runbooks integrate with the tools you use every day, automating tasks that can be manually intensive. Close ServiceNow tickets, create Jira tasks, or send Slack updates without leaving the platform. 

See here if we integrate with your tech stack

What is a Runbook? Integrate into your tech stack

Runbook dashboards keep everyone up to date with the latest live status, so there’s no need to manually compile reports. High-level stakeholders can see progress at a glance from their laptop or mobile device.

What is a Runbook? Runbook dashboard

A live runbook also records every single action and communication into the audit log, ready for review, reducing the burden of work post-event and making it easier to provide accurate information to regulators. 

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