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Automated runbooks

Cutover's automated runbooks provide automation, orchestration and visibility while keeping people in the process for decision making for IT operations processes including IT disaster recovery, cyber recovery and cloud migration.
- Standardize and accelerate IT operations processes
- Increase efficiency and avoid errors
- Gain greater visibility and control

A Cutover Runbook
Proven in the largest banks
Reduce planning and execution time by up to 50%
Collaborate efficiently across teams
Reduce audit preparation time by 60%

Benefits of automated runbooks

Reasons to use Cutover's automated runbooks for your IT disaster recovery, cyber recovery and cloud migration instead of spreadsheets and static documents:

  • Create standardization across your application operations with a centralized template repository.
  • Dynamically update runbooks during a live executution to respond to new information quickly
  • Consolidate and automate your global communications in one place, so the right people are engaged at the right time.
  • Visualize critical paths and gain real-time visibility and reporting into runbook execution.
  • Meet regulatory compliance with the immutable and auto-generated audit log.
  • Identify areas for process improvement with the post-execution analytics.
  • Extend the value of your existing technology by seamlessly integrating third-party solutions and applications with the REST API.

Our runbooks are trusted by the world's leading enterprises

Automated runbook features

6 ways runbooks will transform how you manage complex work

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