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2024 Gartner® report: Tips to bolster your disaster recovery program
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Success Stories

American multinational investment bank successfully deploys ServiceNow for the first time

The challenge: multiple delays in ServiceNow deployment

An American multinational investment bank had experienced multiple delays in the deployment of ServiceNow across the organization due to a lack of governance and ownership and a clear understanding of the dependencies involved. The release team was using Microsoft Project to manage the deployment, but this tool did not provide the functionality to manage the complexity involved. 

The transition to ServiceNow from their in-house configuration management database was a critical goal for the bank to simplify their processes, reduce risk, and increase the volume of change they could execute safely. Every month they were delayed was another month that they were paying for a SaaS product without leveraging the benefits. 

Cutover was introduced to the ServiceNow release team by a senior stakeholder who had seen it utilized successfully on both their application migration program and data center resiliency testing.

Cutover enabled teams to work collaboratively

The ServiceNow deployment plan was migrated from Microsoft Project to Cutover. Key stakeholders were able to review the plans in Cutover in depth to verify dependencies, durations, and reporting requirements. 

Once the plan went live in Cutover, the team held daily standups to review progress in Cutover and evaluate the impact of deltas against the plan in real time, providing visibility to key stakeholders and the teams involved throughout the duration of the deployment process. 

Instead of having a single person chasing twenty-plus teams for updates and then updating a project plan, each team was assigned their respective tasks in Cutover and automatically notified when their task was ready to start.

Deployment success

Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform enabled the bank to successfully deploy ServiceNow on time after a number of failed attempts. Cutover was mandated for use across all subsequent releases and decommissioning of legacy infrastructure.

“It was seamless. Cutover saved us more than a couple of times.”
- ServiceNow Deployment Lead

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