Technology delivery and release management

Drive continuous improvement with efficient management of regular technology and change releases, and ongoing technology-led changes, with cross-functional visibility and engagement built-in.

Orchestrate change management effectively

Delivering technology change often spans business, technology, and operations teams, each with their own internal systems, communication channels, and ways of working. When implementing change, the inability to break silos and coordinate work activities seamlessly across organizational barriers is a brake on both effective planning and successful delivery.

Cutover provides a reliable and intelligent Work Orchestration and Observability platform to coordinate regular technology changes and manage releases. Our clients report increasing their change capacity and reducing outages by at least 20%. It enables precise planning and rehearsal, leverages automation, and expands observability across all users and business units. All this results in greater collaboration and better outcomes.

Modernize release management with Cutover 

Upgrade from inefficient legacy systems to improve change planning

Current tools fall short of supporting the proper planning, execution, and audit of change events. Cutover brings work and data together from separate spreadsheets, emails, and communication silos, ending the crippling lack of visibility across change initiatives.

Implementing change continuously, at pace

With a high volume of change, and teams under pressure to deliver quickly, Cutover provides a powerful, unified platform that drives data-driven decisions and handles governance effectively, so teams can deliver successful changes on a continuous basis.

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Automated change planning

Seamlessly integrate with your automation tools to add automation at pace, while maintaining the integrity of the human steps. Cutover enables you to leverage machine automation with greater control and better governance.

Expand visibility for better change control

Cutover’s observability features mean that business leaders get visibility of all upcoming change events in a single view and can dive deeper for greater detail. Expand your capabilities for live optimization and post-event analysis, both critical for identifying and actioning improvements in your continuous change program. Significantly reduce release replanning and rollbacks thanks to better long-term visibility.

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Deliver successful technology delivery and release

Cutover increases control, reduces risk, and drives more successful delivery of technology change in your organization.


Change planning and optimization

Visualize the full scope of your technology change, avoid congestion and rescheduling, optimize plans, rehearse events, and increase throughput, using dashboards and advanced analytics.

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Change execution

Orchestrate the execution of technology and business changes with greater precision, speed, and control, thanks to fully automated runbooks and real-time observability.

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What our clients say

“Cutover has a great product that has been used extensively across the Barclays Payments estate and has played a key part in numerous successful complex technology implementations.”
Dan Pilling CIO Payments Technology, Barclays
“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery.”
Matt Cox Head of Open Banking, Nationwide Building Society
Cutover...continues to add huge’s likely to be a new paradigm for technology and the way we work!
CIO Multinational Bank
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