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Change execution

Remove change execution risk and orchestrate application releases with greater precision, speed, and control, thanks to fully automated runbooks and real-time observability.

Orchestrate teams and technology for accurate execution

Application release orchestration calls for high levels of accuracy, coordination, and efficiency. Poorly executed releases lead to delays and disruption internally, risk customer-facing outages and reputational damage, and carry cost implications associated with troubleshooting, repeating, and repairing mistakes. Cutover brings together teams and technology to structure, visualize, and manage complex change activities. Cutover makes the right data available to the right people at the right time, for smooth and accurate change execution. Integrate with your existing platforms to enable efficient change governance and automate change execution activities within a release.


Build, edit, and rehearse detailed plans for application releases, with the ability to plan both at the birds-eye organizational view and down to the granular level.


Execute application releases with live progress observability, enabling you to take proactive action to address any issues and course-correct in real time.


Achieve fully data-driven change execution, collecting valuable insights that you can implement to improve future activities. Cutover’s comprehensive records also strengthen compliance with regulatory requirements.

Case study

British financial institution saves £12m per annum on change

"The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery.”

- Head of Insight & Innovation of a British Multinational Financial Institution
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A British financial institution processes an incredible amount of transactions through their 24/7 online and digital channels. Making changes to these systems involves a high level of risk and they can’t afford outages. Major releases used to require at least ten walkthroughs for briefings and approvals, making change slow and costly. They needed to improve their capacity to release more technology change, reduce release failures and ensure that an audit trail was put in place for regulatory and learning purposes.


When orchestrating their change events in Cutover, the financial institution saw an improved level of risk mitigation, ensuring planned maintenance and upgrades to their online and digital channels were carried out correctly.

The platform enabled them to avoid follow-on incidents that could have affected customers.They saw a number of benefits when orchestrating these changes with Cutover:

  • Building the release plans for technology changes based on Cutover templates now take hours rather than days.
  • Multiple release walkthroughs were reduced to one simulated dry run on Cutover utilizing the platform’s human and machine orchestration capability.
  • Key stakeholders were provided with better live information to keep them fully informed on progress and able to make decisions based on current, not aged, status.
  • The business had greater control of the event


The financial institution estimated that a number of the global development centers performed one extra large-scale release over the year that was previously unachievable. In some cases, this represented up to a 20% increase in capacity. They also made an estimated saving of around £12m per annum by avoiding incidents.Cutover is now regularly used to drain the bank, coordinate change and rebuild the bank over a weekend. They have reduced the duration of change execution by 15% thanks to improved efficiency and capacity.

What our Clients say

"Cutover is a modern change management platform. Managers use it to create runbooks which document resilience tests and release management. Runbooks become the authoritative record of business processes for IT."

CIO - Major Global Bank
What our Clients say

"When a change event takes place the runbook is played through and hundreds of individuals can follow the operation as it progresses and coordinate via Cutover's chat function or mobile app. Managers maintain a bird's eye view of progress and IT staff can better see what's required of them."

CIO - Top Global Bank
What our Clients say

"Cutover is a fantastically intuitive solution...which will enable us to standardize deployment practices and communication."


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