How Communication & a System of Record Enable Release Success

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In many release events, follow-on incidents occur because the plan was not adhered to.

Teams in diverse locations have sets of activities and in the hustle of the moment maybe a few don't get done. At the time, the activities can seem inconsequential, perhaps due to a lack of briefing. It is also all too easy to just tick off the activities anyway to meet compliance.

Because the activities have been planned to meet specific needs, it is often the case that not following the plan down to the letter results in a misconfigured system that either immediately, or down the line, causes an incident.

Best practices to avoid going off track here include:

1. Capture evidence

Can the team member grab a screenshot for compliance of the completed amendment in settings? This simple action creates a body of evidence to track against. It also helps enormously when attempting to diagnose on the fly why things are not going to plan.

2. Effective collaboration in planning

Many times the activity is not done because its importance is not understood. This is often due to team members being given runbooks of tasks without being involved in briefings and workshops to understand why they are needed. Effective collaboration and briefing help in this case.

Cutover makes it easy to collaborate, plan, orchestrate and capture a trail of evidence through its automatic system of record. Download our fact sheet to find out more.

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