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Cutover: Thinking Outside the Gartner Box

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We’re often asked by potential clients and partners why Cutover is not rated by Gartner. Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrants’ can be a useful way to understand a service’s positioning within a marketplace. But not all companies or products fit into one of their quadrants.

We created Cutover to address an existing gap in critical events management that did not yet have a technical solution. Because Cutover is part of an emerging technology area, it is difficult to establish a market position for what we do. Far from aligning to a single quadrant, Cutover is relevant to many quadrants but is not the full solution in any one.


Gartner Cutover sits at an intersection between DevOps, Service Management, Project Portfolio Management and Resilience and has the potential to bring all those areas together onto one platform. 
Portfolio Management

IT project and portfolio managers are under a lot of pressure to meet conflicting objectives. They need to increase the speed, accuracy and agility of their project implementations while managing risk and cost. This has led to a growing demand for IT PPM cloud services for planning, communication and visibility.

Cutover provides some similar benefits, with a few differences. Change Event Manager provides a long-term view of planned change throughout the enterprise that is linked to business goals. This allows not only the planning of individual events but long-term planning as well. Automated communications can also be orchestrated in the Cutover platform and Users can view status in real time via live dashboards. 

DevOps and Application Release Automation

Enterprises are increasingly working towards full automation of key processes. We estimate that most are only about 5% of the way there. This has left big gaps between automations where human intervention is still needed. There are many DevOps tools that allow the automation of the actual release of code but don’t help with all the human activity surrounding that automation.

Cutover seeks to bring together human and technical orchestration onto one platform. This creates a seamless end-to-end process and avoids lost time and productivity during handoffs between human and automated tasks.

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery

Resilience is most significant in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, retail and healthcare. But the increasing need for constant application uptime and data availability are making it more critical across all industries. Although resilience is becoming the focus for businesses, they still need to be able to execute a disaster recovery plan in the case of an emergency.

There are three ways Cutover can be used for Resilience and Disaster Recovery:

  • Users can create runbooks for planned resilience events such as DCR testing
  • Flexible ‘canned’ plans can be stored and then invoked and edited during a real disaster recovery event
  • It is easy to quickly create a new disaster recovery plan in the case of an unforeseen emergency
IT Service Management

Service Management is critical in supporting governance and dealing with major incidents. Usually, Service Management are only informed about an upcoming change or deployment when they receive a change ticket for approval late in the process, usually only a week or two before the change is due to go live. This leaves very little time for managing conflicts with other activities.

Cutover’s Change Event Manager supports Service Management by allowing a long-term view of planned change. Change events can be scheduled well in advance and it is easy to view which changes will be taking place at the same time and deal with potential conflicts early on. 

Thinking Outside the Gartner Box

There are other examples we could give of areas that Cutover touches on. It doesn’t fit into any single Gartner box because it offers capabilities for many uses. These include big change, continuous transformation, resiliency, response and recovery and operational readiness. Cutover brings together many functions and capabilities on one central, intuitive, cloud-based platform. Cutover connects siloed information and disparate teams and tools to create a more collaborative way of working.

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