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Highlights from the Cutover Enterprise Launch

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The new version of the Cutover platform has launched, unleashing a whole host of new business benefits to our clients.

We were delighted to be joined by so many clients, partners, investors and others at the launch event. Watch the video below for highlights from our speakers:



Richard Bell - Cutover Director

"6,000 runbooks, 200,000 tasks, 65,000 participants in 31 countries. That’s 51,000 more participants than took part in this year’s London Marathon.

Welcome to our event this evening, it’s an exciting moment for us, the launch of Cutover Enterprise."

Ky Nichol - Cutover CEO

"Enterprise to us means connecting the business tools, it means connecting the business processes but most importantly it means connecting the people.

Everywhere we look across the enterprise our work is hidden like dark matter: Excel spreadsheets, phone calls, emails. Very hard to optimise and very hard to provide any benefit.

Where we’ve helped our clients tackle things like this, they’re seeing benefits in the area of things like a reduction in overall event duration, they’re seeing a reduction in event failure rates and through vastly improved collaboration, a reduction in associated risk.

Cutover is the platform for harmonised human and machine activities across the enterprise."

Marcus Wildsmith - Cutover CPO

"We’ve always focused on the people, so the human activity that needs to take place, but actually most implementations are not just that. There’s a huge amount of automated activity as well. So a big focus for us is how we bring those things together. How you look at the handoffs between the human and automated tasks and, with Cutover, provide visualisation of that end-to-end piece."

Kieran Gutteridge - Cutover CTO

"We’ve exposed the entire back end of our system via an API that anybody can integrate with and anything that you can achieve through the UI you can do pragmatically.

Our view is that most businesses are probably only 5% of the way through to that full automated DevOps dream and that humans and technology are always going to need to be interlinked and we want to be the point of stability going forward."

Marcus Wildsmith - Cutover CPO

"We’ve introduced the concept of My Cutover so now anybody logging in to the platform immediately sees everything in relation to them in context.

We’re launching the concept of an Event which is new for this release. An Event enables you to do a number of things. You can put a placeholder in advance for what you’re going to do at some point in the future and set dates around that so you can pre-plan that roadmap. We’ve actually started with one customer to put the whole of the 2018 roadmap into Cutover with a view to managing that long-term planning.

We sit at an incredibly powerful intersection between portfolio management, development, operations and resilience and we’re the only platform that allows that real-time human and machine orchestration and we want to really maximise the value and the power that that has and we’re going to do that through integrating into these other platforms."

Gerry Grennan - Clarity Management

"I’m actually going to jump to the end of the story to get rid of all the suspense: and we’re using Cutover and everything is great!

When the regulators were in the CIO said, across all those data transfers, for each transfer we are doing reconciliations, we’re ensuring data quality and we have the individual that did that work attest to the data quality being there.

The templates are improving, things are going faster, people are working consistently and they’re still using Cutover and everything’s going great."

Michael Harte - Barclays Head of Group Innovation

"Welcome to Rise. I’m Michael Harte, I’m the head of innovation at Barclays. Hands up any of you that have managed a large migration, a systems cutover. It’s the hardest thing to do and yet it’s the most often overlooked and it’s sometimes the least often in control.

We have witnessed this very early stage energetic company, a group of guys and girls trying to bring order to the chaos."

Gerry Grennan - Clarity Management

"Years ago I worked with Ky, the founder when I heard the product he was delivering and the gaps, the vacancies, the things that he was going to address with it. I got very excited because for years I’d been feeling the pains that this is going to address."