Technology resilience is more important than ever

Rapidly changing technology, growing cyber threats, and knowledge gaps all put pressure on organizations to evolve the way they manage technology resilience. Gartner found that, on average, IT outages cost enterprises up to $540,000 per hour, so you need to know that you can rapidly recover from network and systems outages or cybersecurity incidents.

Cutover’s Collaborative Automation platform gives you the confidence to prepare for and respond to resilience threats.

Benefits of technology resilience

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Recover 20% faster
Be prepared to respond to resilience threats with standardized rehearsals and tests.
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Reduce planning and execution time by up to 50%
Execute tests and recovery processes with automation and integrations with existing tools.
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Collaborate efficiently across resilience teams
Keep stakeholders informed via real-time dashboards and built in communications.
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Reduce audit preparation time by 60%
Create a governance framework with visibility into real-time analytics to easily meet regulatory requirements.
Use cases

Cutover for technology resilience

Use Cutover for all your technology resilience needs, from planning IT disaster recovery testing to accurate regulatory reporting.

IT disaster recovery features

Powerful features to manage and automate your IT disaster recovery plan.

Read our technology resilience success story

Financial services organization improves technology resilience and regulatory compliance

Challenge: Difficulty with regulatory reporting for resilience

Solution: Utilising collaborative Automation for technology resilience

Outcome: Drastically improved resilience and recovery processes and reporting

Key Takeaways

  • Speed to value
  • Reduced risk and cost
  • Core functionality provides value
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