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May 18, 2021

Creativity under adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a change in the way we work. While the realities of the ‘future of work’ are still to be seen, the shift to remote-first working across many industries has granted a chance for fresh perspectives.

In the past, in-person operations have largely been the norm for many industries, with remote working often being regarded as the fall-back option when necessary. But for many, the past year of working from home has challenged this idea, giving us a new perspective on what we thought was (and wasn’t) possible while working remotely.

Our enforced remote operating model could be an opportunity to drive change for the better. No longer is remote working just a way to ‘get by’ until we get back to the ‘old’ normal. Instead, it’s a way to see just what we can do outside of that normal. What are the new things we’ve achieved or discovered? How can we build on those as we go forward into the new future of work?

Our new video, Creativity under adversity, is about just that. It focuses on the ingenuity of humans under adversity, and our ability to always find a way. In a remote-first world, with technology on our side, the possibilities are boundless.


While it’s too early to speculate about the future of work, many businesses agree that remote working won’t be relegated to the fall-back status it once held. More likely, it will continue to play a key part across our work configurations, be it remote-first, flexible, or hybrid operations.

Which remote working achievement are you most proud of? Let us know by tweeting us @gocutover, or tagging us on Linkedin, using the hashtag #creativityunderadversity.

Madz Wakefield
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