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June 30, 2021

How Cutover enables organizations to build cyber resilience

Is negotiating with cyber terrorists the new normal? What steps can organizations take to combat growing cyber risks? Find out in our on-demand webinar. 

On June 2nd 2021, The White House issued a memo calling executives and business leaders to react urgently to the growing number of cyber attacks. In the memo, there are best practices that any business should follow to become more resilient. 

Some of these crucial steps include: 

  • Backing up your data (including recovery plans)
  • Testing your incident response plan (regularly)
  • Maintaining the security of operating systems, applications, and other critical components

The number and intensity of cyber crimes and ransomware incidents have increased significantly, and strengthening organizational resilience from threats is a priority. 

Cutover was designed to help organizations become more resilient against cyber attacks, and the criticality of these best practices is increasing dramatically. As a result, Cutover can fundamentally improve organizations’ cyber resilience capabilities. We do this by providing cutting-edge incident response functionality and a catalog of industry-aligned Cyber Resilience Runbooks.

Watch the video below to see our Cyber Resilience Runbooks in action.

Cutover's Cyber Resilience Runbooks give our teams and customers the ability and confidence to react and prevent cybercrimes through orchestrated incident response. Cutover Runbooks are aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approach to incident response (SP 800-61 Computer Security Incident Handling Guide).

Cutover runbooks provide the ability to plan, simulate and recover from many cyber events, including ransomware, denial of service, and virus outbreaks. Other benefits of using Cutover's incident response capabilities include:

  • Reducing financial losses. Fines resulting from a data breach are significant, especially to small and medium-sized organizations. In some cases, a data breach will result in a financial disaster and reputational ruin.
  • A better security baseline. Incorporating a cyber resilience program and audited runbooks enables us to execute strategies that support and enhance existing IT infrastructure. Cyber resilience programs ultimately decrease the possibility of information security events and cyber-attacks.
  • Compliance. Compliance with regulatory standards and legal regulations supports an organization's ability to mitigate and respond to security events. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Network and Information Systems (NIS) directive highlight the need to maintain strong privacy principles.

The Cutover platform drives operational excellence by bringing teams and technology together to orchestrate complex work faster and smarter, with real-time visibility and control.

Cutover is focused on resilience - how to make sure your business can predict, collaborate, repair, and recover quickly from any incident, for example, a cyber threat, in which all your servers are attacked and the integrity and confidentiality of data is compromised. Cutover helps teams across the organization execute complex tasks together, run all the recovery plans for the individual apps, and give complete visibility to the C-suite to track the process end to end. 


Find out more about using Cutover for Technology Resilience, or book a demo to see the platform in action.

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