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What's new in Cutover for September

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In our latest release, we have a number of exciting new orchestration features that we can't wait to share with you.

And who better to run through our latest and greatest, than Marcus Wildsmith, Cutover's Chief Product Officer?

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Dive deeper

Below, you'll find everything you need to know about the features in this release.

Automation runbooks elevate human and machine automation to the next level.

Cutover's automation runbooks seamlessly integrate with multiple tools.

Find out how automation runbooks can enable your teams to work smarter and faster by leveraging integrated automation by visiting this page or downloading the fact sheet.

Check out this video on automation runbooks:

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Create a checklist of 'to dos' with Checklist Tasks

Checklist Tasks enable users to create a simple task list from within a runbook. Read more about the feature in this blog post, or download the fact sheet.

Watch Product Manager, Nilesh Samanta demo the feature here:

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Take the time and hassle out of post-implementation reviews

After a runbook has been completed, Cutover's Post-Implementation Review (PIR) dashboard will allow teams to analyze its performance, enabling continuous improvement.

Download the fact sheet to find out more.

Watch Nilesh demo the feature here:

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Make bulk edits to runbooks - for fast, efficient runbook management

This addition is a real time-saver for runbook admins. Quickly merge, archive, edit, or duplicate runbooks to reduce effort during time-critical activities, like resilience test planning. Watch this space for a blog post on this.


Want to find out more about how Cutover can improve your work orchestration and observabilityWe would be happy to demo any of the features referenced, or offer a comprehensive platform demo. Contact us to schedule a demo.

For more info on the latest Cutover features, visit our product updates page or keep an eye on the blog for news on releases, and more detailed feature breakdowns.