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November 9, 2023

7 reasons to use Cutover when you have other open-source orchestration tools

Orchestration tools automate the configuration, coordination, integration, and data management processes of several applications and systems. There are a number of open-source orchestration tools available and, although they can be useful for certain IT operations on a smaller scale, they lack functionality in a few key areas. Below are seven reasons to choose Cutover for managing your IT operations over standard-issue orchestration tools.

1. Cutover orchestrates teams and technology

Cutover encompasses the orchestration of human and machine activities to give you a way of capturing processes such as IT and cyber disaster recovery, cloud migration, and technology release end to end to ensure that things are done in the right order and that you have a complete data set.

2. The Cutover platform is built for the enterprise

Cutover addresses the scalability and security concerns of using some open-source and orchestration toolsets. Our clients tell us we have a very robust and scalable orchestration engine that is easy to use and that fine-grained access control is very useful. Our customers are the world’s largest banks with thousands of users and demanding security requirements. We ship with the ability to seamlessly integrate with single sign-on (SSO) via SAML with ease. Some other orchestration tools lack our scale, as they openly state they are only for teams of five to ten people.

3. You get real-time visibility

Our clients want controlled, real-time visibility into the execution of a range of runbooks to allow teams and executives to self-serve status and problem solve. Cutover ships real-time dashboards out of the box. This is often a shortcoming of other runbook orchestration tools requiring custom and complex solutions to report to a non-technical audience.

4. It’s a resilient solution

Cutover is often used in situations where the resilience of the customer is under threat, such as in cyber or IT DR recoveries. The Cutover platform is built and deployed as a resilient SaaS service. With other solutions, you have to own the resilience of the orchestration capability and deal with that complexity yourself.

5. Compliance and learning are built in

Cutover is often used to support compliance, regulatory and learning situations through its end-to-end indelible audit trail and post-execution reporting that comes as standard. This dramatically reduces the manual effort required to pull data from disparate systems and enables an easy transition to having post-mortem reviews based on objective data rather than emotion. Data is also provided to enable you to see where there is ROI opportunity for further automation via wastage, task failure and dwell-time data.

6. You need to be dynamic in your execution

It is often the case that during the execution of a process, things can change. Cutover gives you the ability to dynamically change the runbook during the execution and capture those changes in an automated audit trail. Cutover also provides the ability to re-run and retry components of the process rather than having to run the entire process again (as is the case with some of the alternative solutions). Our conditional logic functionality can pass custom variables or validate tasks to enhance the runbook orchestration based on conditions. This is largely not the case with other solutions.

7. You get the benefits of governed and controlled modular automation

By integrating Cutover with script-based solutions our clients have a mechanism to control the sprawl of large scripts and get to a far more modular, controlled set of operations that are repeatable and involve less risk.

To find out more about why you should use Cutover for your IT or cyber disaster recovery, cloud migration, technology implementation, or release management operations, watch this short video or request a demo to see the platform in action.

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