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July 16, 2020

Cutover in 59 Seconds

The Cutover platform. Who is it for? What can it do? This week, our CEO Ky Nichol gives an overview of Cutover in under one minute.

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Cutover is for the IT executive who's tired of the drama around technology release events or the ruined weekends from release events or resiliency tests gone astray.

Cutover is for the IT executive who actually wants to perform enterprise change management rather than react to change governance in hindsight.

Cutover is an Enterprise Change Management platform that enables the planning and orchestration of the humans and technology involved. It provides visibility into every process and the much sought-after audit trail [for change and resilience events.]

Better than anybody else, Cutover structures disparate data and orchestrates the humans and technology involved at pace. For the largest changes, this can be thousands of humans, myriad technologies and thousands of tasks - all orchestrated in hours, minutes and seconds.



Madz Wakefield
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