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October 26, 2022

Cutover’s Integration Suite makes automating IT operations simple

Cutover’s Integration Suite accelerates integration with third-party applications for IT disaster recovery, cloud migrations, and complex application releases.

LONDON, UK, October 26th, 2022 – Cutover, which provides a leading cloud solution for Collaborative Automation, today released the Cutover Integration Suite that enables enterprises to easily connect Cutover with any third-party platform. The Integration Suite provides pre-built and custom integrations and a Developer Portal full of resources and references to help you build with Cutover.

Enterprises use many solutions for operational resilience, cloud migrations, or managing software upgrades and patches that are often fragmented and siloed. Joining these silos and creating a seamless way of working is one of the most common challenges companies are currently facing. The number of integrations needed to effectively manage the IT estate of applications is increasing, along with the complexity and costs associated with the creation, deployment, and maintenance of those integrations. 

The Cutover Integration Suite enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate across software silos to automate more of their IT operations and reduce risk. With the Integration Suite, Cutover has made it easy for their customers’ DevOps teams to build and maintain integrations between the Cutover platform and other tools without any technical assistance from the Cutover team. With Cutover, pre-built integrations to some of the most commonly used applications in IT operations are available out of the box. Customers can create bi-directional integrations with any third-party app and utilize the Developer Portal, containing reference API documentation and examples, to create API calls directly to the Cutover platform.

Cutover’s customers are using integrations to save time and money and reduce risk. The Integration Suite enables enterprises to: 

  • Save time with pre-built integrations to commonly used applications such as Ansible, Jenkins, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more.
  • Create bi-directional integrations to connect with any third-party applications to build sophisticated, automated processes that extend Cutover’s functionality and capabilities.
  • Leverage the Developer Portal for REST API examples and documentation to help them create their own inbound API calls directly to the Cutover platform, along with resources to help them create and query workspaces, runbooks, tasks, teams, and users.
“Our new Integration Suite not only simplifies the integration and automation process for our customers, it also means they can implement integrations faster to orchestrate IT operations. As we innovate at Cutover, we’re trying to simplify the platform and expand automation - whether using one of our out-of-the-box integrations or creating a custom one, we’re giving customers the control to get it done securely.” 
Ky Nichol, Cutover CEO

Learn more about Cutover’s Integration Suite.   

About Cutover

Cutover is the leading cloud solution for Collaborative Automation, connecting teams, applications, and technology. Cutover’s dynamic, automated runbooks enable users to accelerate cloud migrations, optimize IT disaster recovery, and advance IT operations. Cutover is trusted by thousands of users from leading enterprises around the world, including three of the top five global banks.

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