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August 23, 2018

Achieving Enterprise Agility Through Human & Machine Orchestration

“Enterprise agility is a company's ability to outperform the competition and drive growth in new, ambiguous situations by learning and adapting when confronted with foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, dilemmas, crises, and complex problems.”

For many enterprises, this means adopting DevOps practices and moving towards increased automation. However, there is far more to Enterprise Agility than new technology. According to Barry Chandler, DevOps lead at Barclays, “optimizing your DevOps capability in isolation is no guarantee that an organization will add business value. I believe it’s extremely important to focus on the combined effects of a collection of capabilities like transformational leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, diversity, as well as technical aspects such as agile, security, cloud and DevOps. I refer to this as enterprise agility.”

When it comes to increasing automation across the enterprise, there are a few other things to consider:

  1. Despite automation being a key concern for businesses, we estimate that most enterprises are less than 10% of the way through the journey towards complete DevOps automation. A large amount of the data and processes that need automation are not formally or centrally documented and may exist in various disjointed tools or even just in people’s heads. You can’t automate what you can’t see, so moving this data out of “dark matter” such as spreadsheets and email chains and into the light is an important intermediate step before automation.
  2. Not everything can or should be automated. There will always be certain tasks that require human expertise and ingenuity. Automation should, therefore, be used as a tool to aid these people in doing their jobs, rather than as something that will make them obsolete. Data can be a great tool to augment people and free them from manual repetitive tasks, leaving them more time and capacity to focus on the things that add value. Enterprise Agility is as much about people as it is about technology.

Find out more about why automation should augment people, not replace them.

Bringing these two elements together through human and machine orchestration maximizes the benefits of automation and empowered people by removing the gaps between human and automated tasks. Transparent hybrid (human and machine) automation and orchestration support Enterprise Agility by increasing automation, augmenting people with data and increasing the chances of successfully delivering new technologies.

Cutover serves the higher purpose of “Enterprise Agility”. We are uniquely equipped to support an entire organization in the pursuit of its strategic goals and its execution of complex change agendas, both technical and operational. An organization’s optimized level of “Enterprise Agility’ is most likely to be achieved through the power of “Human and Machine Orchestration”.

Cutover is a work orchestration & automation platform for big change, resilience, transformation and operational readiness. Request a demo to see it in action.

Chloe Lovatt
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