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October 29, 2021

New research reveals that Cutover customers generate a 309% ROI

Cutover commissions Total Economic Impact research into the cost savings and business benefits of work orchestration and observability, revealing reduced event planning time of up to 50% and delivering a 309% ROI. 

LONDON, UK - 27th October 2021 - Cutover, the first enterprise-wide platform built to orchestrate critical activities across teams and technology has today revealed the findings of a new Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. The findings highlighted a 309% ROI and benefits of $8.98 million over three years across the organizations interviewed. The research showed that Cutover enabled organizations to react faster, improve transparency in decision making, increase employee satisfaction and improve overall customer experience. 

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation and adopt agile software development practices, executing critical events faster and with more confidence becomes vital. Organizations are tasked with moving more quickly, whilst mitigating associated risks and maintaining resilience. It’s therefore not just about reducing overhead cost, but accelerating delivery capabilities and reducing the knock-on risk implications. Forrester found Cutover’s platform to reduce planning time by 25% to 50% and event execution time by 50%. Beyond cost savings, Cutover was also found to reduce risk by mitigating 20% of incidents, in turn improving employee experience and job satisfaction. 

‘If you’re relying on disconnected tools and teams to plan and execute your most crucial activities, you leave your organization running higher on risk, cost, and audit exposure.’ says Marcus Wildsmith, Cutover co-founder and Chief Product Officer. ‘
We commissioned the Forrester Consulting study to validate the great feedback we hear from our customers and are excited by the potential that the Cutover platform is proven to hold in underpinning an organization’s ability to accelerate operations in a measured way with the governance in hand. Reducing risk, improving visibility and building consistency are the central pillars of execution by Cutover runbooks, and we’re seeing those trends across industries.’ 

The Forrester Total Economic Impact study is a methodology developed by Forrester Research that enhances a company’s technology decision-making processes. Cutover commissioned the study to examine the ROI enterprises may realize with Cutover runbooks. For the purposes of the study, and to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the investment, Forrester interviewed seven decision-makers at four organizations, and aggregated the experiences of the interviewed customers, combining the results into a single composite organization. After investment in Cutover, it was found that customers have clearer oversight of all events, use a standardized approach to running events, have increased throughput, and can execute events with lower risk. 

Forrester’s findings in a nutshell include: 

1. Reduction in Planning Time and Event Execution Efficiency. 

Cutover customers have reduced preparation time and can now more efficiently resource and collaborate on a single platform. This means less time spent in meetings, sourcing data to update leadership, or other time-heavy activities. Dashboards enable the right level of detail to get to the right people, at any time. 

This reduction in planning time amounts to the value of $633.6k, with event execution efficiency totaling $6.8m over the course of three years and around a 50% reduction in time to execute for each event. 

2. Mitigation of incidents

The report has shown that executing Cutover runbooks has significantly reduced the number of failed or rolled back software or infrastructure changes, with some customers stating that they haven’t had any at all. Part of this is due to the ability to perform more comprehensive testing, which resulted in a 20% average reduction in incidents, saving their organizations nearly $1.3million. 

3. Audit efficiency 

In the highly regulated financial services industry, post-event audit and compliance is typically time-consuming and complex, with each audit per event taking an average of five hours to complete. Cutover is reported to remove that burden, making it quicker and easier to report to the regulator with a clearly visible audit trail, time stamps at the push of a button, and a lower requirement of explanation time. Audits with Cutover are 1 - 2.5 hours, representing an average of a 60% reduction in preparation time, depending on the complexity and scale of the audit. Forrester found this level of time saving to amount to the equivalent of $243k over three years. 

4. Flexibility, and Unquantified benefits

Forrester has found that Cutover provides organizations with the level of flexibility to orchestrate large change programs at pace, reacting more quickly to business needs, executing events on time, with increased operational resilience, and without incidents. This provides improvements on an operational level but also culturally provides employees with a better work/life balance due to clear planning and visibility into work, as well as improved transparency in decision making. Better in-event decisions can improve future processes and in-hand customer experience, with fewer outages, incidents, and rollbacks meaning teams can deliver more releases each year. 

The Forrester findings detailed here demonstrate that operational success is underpinned by the ability to move and react with agility, and for that to happen, the crosslinks between teams and technology must be optimal. Cutover was able to help customers quickly pivot and orchestrate large-scale change programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that culture of change shows no signs of slowing down.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cutover Work Orchestration And Observability

About Cutover

The Cutover platform drives operational excellence by bringing you, your teams, and technology together to orchestrate complex work faster and smarter, with real-time visibility and control.

Developed with decades of experience in managing operational resilience, ITDR, release management, cloud migration, transformation, and business change initiatives, Cutover enables organizations to move quickly with confidence.

Trusted by leading global firms and institutions including Accenture, Barclays, and Deloitte, we are on a mission to push the boundaries of operational excellence by bringing teams and technology together to make great things happen.

Cutover is an Advanced Technology Partner and Independent Software Vendor to AWS and works with an extensive partner ecosystem including Deloitte, Accenture, and CSTechnology.

Forrester TEI Study Disclosures

Readers should be aware of the following: 

This study is commissioned by Cutover and delivered by Forrester Consulting. It is not meant to be used as a competitive analysis. Forrester makes no assumptions as to the potential ROI that other organizations will receive. Forrester strongly advisers use their own estimates within the framework provided in the study to determine the appropriateness of an investment in Work Orchestration and Observability. Cutover reviewed and provided feedback to Forrester, but Forrester maintains editorial control over the study and its findings and does not accept changes to the study that contradict Forrester’s findings or obscure the meaning of the study. Cutover provided the customer names for the interviews but did not participate in the interviews. 

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