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October 25, 2021

Forrester Total Economic Impact study finds Cutover provides 309% ROI in benefits

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to deliver change faster while remaining resilient. Whether that’s implementing new software or migrating to the cloud, effective communication and orchestration are vital. 

The Cutover platform provides Work Orchestration and Observability, which our customers use to improve their operational resilience, application release orchestration, cloud migration, platform implementation, and more. To understand the full impact of how our customers benefit from Cutover, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study into the cost savings and business benefits enabled by the Cutover platform and Work Orchestration and Observability.

The research showed that Cutover enabled organizations to react faster, improve transparency in decision making, increase employee satisfaction, and improve overall customer experience - and save $8.98 million over three years.

These cost savings aren’t all about cost cutting, though, as the orchestration provided by Cutover took care of a lot of manual, repetitive work and freed people up to do more with their time, increasing productivity:

“When you are executing an event, you have the ability to pass tasks without having somebody coordinate it on a call - Cutover does that for you. It means that the whole sequence of events is much more calm and controlled. Management can focus on things that are going wrong or things that we need to think about.”
- Head of technology resiliency, financial services

How does the Forrester study work?

To construct the study, Forrester interviewed seven decision makers at organizations that use Cutover about costs, benefits, and risks - then applied these learnings to a composite organization to get an understanding of the costs, risks, and rewards for the average organization using Cutover.

What were the findings?

Weighing up the various costs and benefits of using the Cutover platform across these seven organizations, Forrester concluded that, on average, a Cutover customer could expect to see a 309% ROI. See some more of the study's findings in the short video below:

To find out how Cutover’s customers have achieved these benefits and more about what the Cutover platform could do for your organization, read the full study or our shorter summary version

Chloe Lovatt
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