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July 4, 2023

Increase automation and efficiency with Cutover runbooks

If you’re responsible for managing the operations of applications across the enterprise, you probably want to increase automation, work more efficiently, and reduce risk.

Our clients, some of the most sophisticated organizations in the world, are achieving this via Cutover runbooks. We're supporting them in recovering, migrating, releasing, and patching their applications.

Static runbooks won’t help you meet your needs

Prior to using Cutover, many of our clients ran runbooks as static documents on internal websites, very often as Confluence pages, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PDFs scattered across the organization.  They contained the tick list of steps to go through but generally went unused when something happened. For instance, when recovering applications, people would get together on a bridge call, operate with very limited visibility, forget they had a plan, work harder than they needed to, and, at times, make mistakes. Afterward, it was often tough to piece together what happened because static runbooks don’t record the actions taken during the event itself, making post-event reporting and compliance difficult. That was yesterday. Today, Cutover wants to redefine the term runbook.

How Cutover’s automated runbook technology is different

Cutover's automated runbook technology provides dynamic executable capability connected via API to the automation and technologies you need to provide next-level application operations.

Powered by Cutover’s Collaborative Automation platform, they allow you to work smarter across your teams and technologies for things like application recovery (whether traditional disaster recovery or recovering from a cyber attack/a bare-metal recovery), migrations, patching, health checks, and more.

They are visible across your business and your technology teams and are executable, integrated, and dynamic, helping you to increase automation and efficiency and reduce risk.

The benefits of using Cutover runbooks

Cutover runbooks offer: 

  • Unparalleled visibility and control: Cutover's automated runbooks offer live visualization, intuitive dashboards, and advanced analytics that provide unprecedented visibility and control over your operations. With Cutover, stakeholders can track the status of work across the organization, identify areas requiring attention, and continuously improve internal processes. This high level of transparency is not commonly offered by other solutions in the market, providing Cutover with a significant advantage in terms of enhancing operational excellence and reducing customer-facing incidents.
  • Integrated communications and seamless integrations: Unlike many other solutions, Cutover's runbooks come with embedded communications sequenced alongside tasks, keeping all communication in one place, at hand, and in context with the activity. This eliminates the need for disjointed external communication channels, leading to increased efficiency. Furthermore, Cutover's ability to seamlessly integrate with a range of third-party solutions and apps (such as ServiceNow, Ansible, Microsoft Teams, AWS Lambda, Datadog, Terraform, and more) allows users to extend the value of the apps they're already using, providing additional flexibility and ease of use that sets it apart from other runbook solutions.
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management: Cutover's platform automatically records events and activities, providing an indelible audit trail that facilitates in-depth analysis and improvement, while also satisfying regulatory and compliance requirements. This feature, coupled with the platform's robust analytics engine, aids in managing risk and meeting regulatory requirements. While some other runbook solutions do offer automation of repetitive tasks, they may not provide the same level of comprehensive risk management and compliance features found in Cutover's automated runbooks.

See Cutover’s automated runbooks in action to find out more about how they can benefit your organization.

Ky Nichol
Release Management
IT Disaster Recovery
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