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February 13, 2024

No more integration roadblocks: Cutover’s enhanced Developer Portal unlocks DevOps agility

The ability to build your own integrations saves time and money and provides a level of convenience that buyers are now demanding. As enterprises increase the number of applications used, it’s exacerbated the need to connect systems quickly and at scale. However, building integrations to disconnected technology tools is often complex, time-consuming, and costly. Enterprises are looking to transform IT disaster and cyber recovery with automation. 

Cutover is making it easier than ever to access documentation and build integrations to the Cutover platform. We’re excited to announce our recent 2024.2 release, with new updates to our Developer Portal - refreshed with an intuitive design and more consumable instructions! With a focus on providing a self-serve experience, you can now easily find and access step-by-step technical documentation, example tutorials and videos to quickly build simple integrations or sophisticated workflows at scale. 

Unlock the possibilities: Build Cutover integrations tailored to your unique needs

Empower your DevOps teams to scale productivity

It’s all about the art of what’s possible. The new ‘API Use Cases’ pages include recipes for utilizing our API and automating processes in Cutover. For example, creating your own reporting or adding a secondary repository. These instructions are vendor agnostic and provide guidance on the steps needed and API endpoints required to get to the data.

Integrations to commonly used applications

Our customers often ask to integrate Cutover with some of the most commonly used applications for IT disaster and cyber recovery, cloud migration and release management. These platforms include ServiceNow, Ansible, Jenkins, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, and others. The Developer Portal now includes a redesigned ‘Example Integrations’ section with comprehensive guides and videos for our most-used integrations. 

Quick reference guides make the integration process simple

We think the fewer clicks you take to access information, the better. We’ve simplified and restructured the integration guide content on the Developer Portal. The custom integration process is now in small, bite-size sections for a fast and easy way to build integrations to the Cutover platform. 

Direct access from within the platform 

Existing Cutover customers can now access the Developer Portal directly from the Cutover platform. With the Cutover 2024.2 release, when creating an integration, the ‘learn more’ link brings you directly to the detailed instructions on the portal.

Get started today!

Visit, contact us at or book a demo to learn more.

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