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July 26, 2019

So ITSM is broken, now what?

We’ve talked a lot in previous blog posts about the issues with ITSM (IT Service Management) as it stands today. Though ITSM is a necessary foundation for change management, organizations need innovative solutions that provide human and machine orchestration and observability to truly be successful at change. This is what we at Cutover aim to deliver.

IT Service Management is broken

Existing platforms provide governance and configuration databases but do not provide support for the planning, execution or review of change, resilience testing or incident management that are fundamental to the Implement and Operate phases. These things are left to run on ad hoc best efforts, involving corporate tools like spreadsheets and people who have been left to glue it all together without appropriate solution support.

What is Cutover?

Cutover is a Work Orchestration & Observability platform that allows enterprises to plan, rehearse, orchestrate and analyze change involving humans and technology. We currently serve large enterprise customers across the Finance and Retail sectors. 

Cutover brings work data out of the dark ages

We at  Cutover enable organizations to move fast without breaking things by allowing you to plan, rehearse, orchestrate, and analyze change involving humans and technology.

The platform is being used by our clients for:

  • Continuous transformation to coordinate planning, execute and analyze hundreds of thousands of technology changes per year, and provide cross-functional visibility, oversight and management of change.
  • Managing big technology changes relating to a series of critical events including migration to the cloud, data center migration and transformation programs.
  • Resilience automation to test resilience and respond and recover quickly when things go wrong.
  • Operational readiness which gives teams dynamic process orchestration for critical sets of work such as market readiness, IPOs and system validation.
Cutover can help you if you are a:

CEO - it’s a change-driven economy. The pace of change underpinned by technology is an organizational imperative that is the key driver for growth and share price.

CIO - it’s very hard to deliver the required pace of technology change at scale across a mix of brownfield and greenfield systems with increasing customer demands and increasing regulation.

Tech Lead - change is the major cause of outages. Outages hit the press and destroy reputation. Hundreds of people turn up every day in tech ops to keep the lights on while managing change with little more than spreadsheets, scripts, phone calls and emails.

“Handling and preventing outages will become more of a problem in the future given the continuing rise of cloud and micro services.” 
- Work-Bench 
Planning, rehearsal, orchestration, and analysis in one place

Cutover provides an innovative automation collaboration platform which allows you to plan, rehearse, orchestrate, and analyze change involving humans and technology. We offer an intuitive UI that allows onboarding in an hour or less for critical events. Cutover is a cloud-hosted mobile-first application accessible by phone, tablet and PC.

“I can think of so many projects I’ve done in the past that would have benefitted from [Cutover]” 
- Infrastructure Manager
Our customers tell us that we are better than anyone else at:
  • Optimizing the change schedule 90 days out rather than 5
  • Incorporating the human element of change as well as machine tasks
  • Communications at pace with ease
  • An intuitive UI that is as simple as a ‘to-do’ list, yet able to capture complex scenarios
  • Live telemetry
  • A single theater for the visualization and execution of change
  • Audit and improvement analytics to satisfy regulators and supporting learning and improvement

Request a demo to see Cutover in action for yourself!

Chloe Lovatt
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