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February 4, 2021

Are the machines really taking over?

At Cutover, we believe in the power of human and machine collaboration to unlock potential and make what feels impossible possible. Why does that matter? Let’s keep it simple: think about the many examples of world-changing accomplishments that would have not happened without the pairing of human genius and technology, like the launch of Falcon 9 or the eradication of polio, to name a couple.

Automation, AI, and machine learning bring new opportunities for people to shine. Technology can do things that people can’t, being suited to work that requires strength, precision, speed, analysis, or repetition. But it’s important to remember that humans can do things that machines may never be able to do. People are best at work that involves leadership,  ethics, creativity, and teamwork. We excel when it comes to adaptability, improvisation, communication, and empathy, and we have emotional and social intelligence.

It’s clear that we each have our distinct fortes, so it makes sense that we need each other to get the best outcomes. I hear you asking: “How can we do that successfully?”. The answer is collaborative intelligence: humans and machines working together, each contributing their unique skills to solve problems and get work done.

This belief is what sits at the heart of everything we do at Cutover. When we can employ automation to take care of the manual, repetitive aspects of work, we elevate the role of people, empowering ourselves to think bigger and achieve more. With our platform, we strive to elevate humans every day, supporting them in demanding industries where excellence is paramount and enabling them to move quickly with confidence.

I am thrilled by seeing how our latest video (below) encapsulates this vision. While some say the machines are taking over, we believe that technology is a powerful ally, as it helps us to unleash our human potential and surpass our limits.


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Want to understand more about how humans and machines can work best together? Check out “People vs technology: How do we achieve collaborative intelligence?”, which explores the future of work in a world of rapidly evolving technology.

Let’s make history together!



Chiara Pensato 

Chief Marketing Officer at Cutover

Chiara Pensato
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