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March 22, 2022

March Digest: News from the world of work orchestration

Law firm: SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rules could make incident response more costly, complex

Companies are going to have to act faster to identify, track and report on cybersecurity incidents under new cybersecurity disclosure mandates proposed by the SEC, according to international law firm Davis Polk. “Incident response may be more costly and complicated,” Davis Polk says. A broader definition of a “cybersecurity incident,” a 4-day timeline for reporting material incidents and additional disclosure forms are among new rules being put forth.

Gartner names its top security/risk trends for 2022

Cyber criminals are finding new ways to attack enterprises, and security leaders must evolve their strategies to deal with these emerging threats, a new Gartner report urges. Among the top trends to keep an eye on are digital supply chain risk, identity threat detection and response, and culture-based vs. compliance-based approaches to security.

More IT execs are adopting open-source cloud databases, and security is the reason why

ADTMag reports on two surveys that indicate the security stigma is fading from open-source cloud databases, and that the primary reason for the jump to open-source is “easy cloud migration.” In one survey cited, nearly 90% of IT leaders said they think open-source software is just as secure as proprietary software.

Misconfiguration deemed the No. 1 cause of cloud-security incidents in 2021

Cybersecurity solutions provider Check Point released its 2022 Cloud Security Report on March 2. Among the findings: “cloud security incidents were up 10% from the previous year with 27% of organizations now citing misconfiguration, way ahead of issues like exposed data or account compromise.”

Survey: The automobile could be a ‘data center on wheels’—if it can roll past these barriers

Cybersecurity is the biggest barrier to carmakers’ ability to create a “data center on wheels,” a new global survey by automotive tech firm Molex shows. 54% of industry engineers and manufacturers polled cited security issues, while the other top concerns were software quality (41%) and functional safety (36%).  

Disaster Deja Vu: Study aims to prepare organizations for recurring catastrophes

Climate change and population growth in at-risk locations has meant that more disasters are striking multiple times in the same places. To respond to this unfortunate new paradigm, researchers at the nonprofit Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies are offering a framework for what they call “recurrent acute disasters.” According to a report in Science Daily, “to date, disaster research largely focuses on individual events, and fails to account for legacy effects that leave people vulnerable in the wake of repeated disasters."

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