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July 21, 2020

Notice anything different about us?

Depending on how you landed here, you might have already noticed that things look a little different around our website.  

Equally, if you’ve logged into the Cutover platform this morning, you might have been met with our brand new look and feel.


Our new logo

New runbook branding

The new branding in the Cutover platform

It was clear to everyone in our community that our brand and website no longer reflected Cutover’s unique vision and personality, and most importantly, the power of our platform which has won us so many supporters in the industry over the years.

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Cutover was founded in 2015 with the mission to unlock potential and expand human limits. We believe the possibilities are infinite when humans and machine automation work together. To us, it’s not about replacing the human genius with technology, it’s about enabling harmonious orchestration between the two: empowering humans to do what they’re best at, and leveraging automation for repetitive and consistent execution. 

Looking at the unprecedented impact we’ve had on our customers to date, we wanted to make sure that everyone else out there could be inspired by who we are, our values, and the ongoing dedication and innovation we aim to deliver to customers, partners and our own team alike. And what better way to do all of this than through a more distinctive and engaging brand, website, and messaging?

What's new and noteworthy on the website

Along with an enhanced user experience, the all-new Cutover website comes with a more modern aesthetic, a better flow, and an exploration of the power of Work Orchestration and Observability for humans and machine collaboration. There’s so much more to it, but let me call out a couple of key additions.

An all-new resource center

We now have a dedicated resource center, where you can find key industry insights and all of our latest content, including brand new white papers, webinars, and fact sheets. Amongst many, here are two new assets that I’d highly recommend to check out:

  • White paper: Raise the bar for operational resilience: the top 5 changes you need to make
    If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what’s around the corner - and sufficient, proactive preparation and resilience are critical to maintaining continuity. This white paper explores the reasons why your approach to operational resilience needs to keep pace - and offers five places to start making improvements. Download here.
  • Webinar: Every cloud has a silver lining but is it a silver bullet for operational resilience?
    This must-watch session is hosted by an expert panel - former Head of Resilience at USB Mark Heywood, alongside Cutover co-founder and CEO Ky Nichol, Rick Cudworth, Partner, Crisis and Resilience at Deloitte and Richard Caven, Financial Services Business Leader at AWS. Watch now.
See more of the platform in action

Despite how visually appealing and user-friendly our platform interface has always been, previous visitors to our website weren’t able to get a good sense of that unless they were existing users. We have addressed this, and included plenty of opportunities for you to take a closer look at the Cutover platform. 

See what we mean on our all-new ‘Features’ page.

As another way to enable more visibility into the platform, you’ll now find a super short demo video highlighting one ‘spotlight’ feature against each of our core use cases. These videos are a bite-size taster of our platform applications per each use case and offer a brief insight into what a tailored demo delivered by one of our experts might include. 

Check them out here:

Technology delivery and release

Operational resilience 


If you like what you see, please click here to book a no-obligation, hassle-free demo.

Product updates

We’re always releasing new features and capabilities into the platform, and sometimes it’s easy to miss a valuable update. Our new Product updates page will allow you to stay in the know with all the latest and greatest additions to the Cutover platform, check it out here.

We are really excited to mark a new chapter of Cutover’s unstoppable growth by unveiling our new website and brand, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. 

Chiara Pensato
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