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August 18, 2020

New feature: Save time with the new bulk actions on runbooks

While it might not be the most glamorous feature added within this release, the update to provide a range of bulk actions on runbooks quickly and easily is an addition that continues to streamline processes, and save time for real-life applications. 

Bulk actions are a huge time saver for runbook admins as they allow you to quickly and easily act on more than one runbook, such as updating key runbook features, merging runbooks, archiving and duplicating runbooks. This update is particularly valuable for resilience programs as it helps streamline existing resilience processes. For example, a resilience manager can easily duplicate recovery plans for a series of resilience tests.  

Bulk actions

Bulk actions include: 

  • Bulk merge: merge runbooks together 
  • Bulk archive: archive any number of runbooks with one click 
  • Bulk edit: quick editing across any number of runbooks 
  • Bulk duplicate: allows you to duplicate selected runbooks quickly and effectively to streamline processes 
Bulk actions 2
Bulk actions 3

See this new feature in action below.

It’s a simple shortcut to make life a little easier. Why not try out bulk actions on your runbooks when you next need to make a multi-runbook change?

Emma Robinson
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