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July 30, 2020

New feature: 'checklist tasks'

We’re excited to announce our latest feature release as it’s something that we’ve received a lot of requests and questions about, and we know it’s going to deliver a lot of value for our customers. 

Now available by popular request, checklist tasks 

Many of us don’t feel organized without ‘to-do lists’ - whether they sit on our phones, in notebooks, calendars, or whether they’re typed up in an email to ourselves in the middle of the night (I know it’s not just me who does this). 

But in Cutover, prior to this new addition, there was no way to add a list of tasks that need to be done before an event starts, or to build in a couple of crucial ‘to-do’s’ during a live event. Equally, we often hear about the need to create a central list of post-event activities - which might be less time-critical, but nonetheless need to be completed, and could easily be overlooked if they’re not widely visible. 

How do checklist tasks work?

This latest addition to Cutover’s automated runbooks enables teams to create simple task lists from within a runbook. Checklist tasks have no set duration unlike standard runbook tasks,  but they can include a due date, so they are effective as a simple prerequisite list of ‘to-dos’ at the start of a runbook.  Checklist tasks also have auto finish functionality, so once clicked, your next task is ready to start.  

Checklist tasks can be used at any point in a runbook (start, middle, or end), and it is possible to create a simple runbook made of solely checklist tasks, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in how you choose to leverage them. 

As you can see below, they have a different square icon to differentiate them from the other task types in your runbooks. 

Checklist tasks
Let’s see them in action

Here’s Cutover Product Manager Nilesh Samanta demonstrating how to use checklist tasks in more depth:

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This feature is now available in the latest version of Cutover. For more information, contact your customer success manager or email us at

Interested in finding out more about how Cutover enables teams to plan, orchestrate, and analyze complex work faster and smarter? Why not contact us for a tailored, no-obligation demo? 

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