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April 9, 2020

5 Reasons Why Remote Team Orchestration is More Important Than Ever

Don't miss our upcoming webinar on The Power of Remote Work Orchestration on Wednesday, April 22nd at 11am EST/4pm BST. Register now. 

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the number of organizations operating with remote teams has increased exponentially. As a result, they will need to adapt and adopt new ways to execute critical work to cope. This new paradigm calls for virtual teams and individuals to be able to operate seamlessly without having to be in the same room.

Because teams are now more spread out than ever before, the challenges organizations are facing are rapidly changing. Businesses need to find a way to service the current environment, prepare for the future and maintain business as usual where possible. IT departments are also in uncharted waters while everything has to be remotely deployed. The pandemic has created a need for more people to work from home, so many IT teams are facing the challenge of rolling out enterprise technology capabilities for thousands of people to work and collaborate from home. They must also maintain operational readiness, support business as usual, implement change, demonstrate recoverability and minimize risk all while proving compliance to the regulator. 

The combination of ongoing and new challenges has created a greater need for Remote team orchestration. So what is Remote Team Orchestration?

Remote Team Orchestration brings virtual teams together to help them plan, rehearse, orchestrate and analyze critical work at speed while remaining resilient.

Remote Team Orchestration helps virtual teams within organizations to:

  • Gain real-time observability at all levels for all IT projects underway
  • Prioritize which changes need to be made urgently and which can be postponed without creating an unsustainable backlog 
  • Remotely execute and implement planned change
  • Manage and plan all recovery testing exercises
  • Provide audit trails for all compliance requirements

Why is Remote Team Orchestration more important than ever?

  1. Executing change in a resilient manner is more important now than ever before because businesses are focused only on implementing critical changes that keep their company operating. 
  2. Based on the current circumstances, businesses are being forced to reschedule and readjust groups of activity, which can be challenging across remote teams, especially when leveraging static documents like spreadsheets.
  3. Change and resilience testing have slowed. They won’t stay at their current levels for long and will almost certainly return to normal levels before the majority of workers return to their office buildings.
  4. Boards are going to be asking about the ability to execute change and resilience testing remotely.
  5. Times like this expose inefficiencies and, most importantly, areas for improvement.

The Cutover Work Orchestration & Observability platform provides Remote Team Orchestration that allows our clients to remain in control and effectively communicate and collaborate remotely. To learn more about Remote Team Orchestration, join our webcast with Former Head of Operational Resilience at UBS Mark Heywood, Cutover’s Head of Client Success Manish Patel and Cutover's CPO Marcus Wildsmith on how Remote Team Orchestration is helping organizations continue to operate at optimal levels while ensuring resilience.

In the Webinar you will learn: 

  • How to stand up a new or enhanced resilience capability in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • How to execute critical technology change within your organization while maintaining operational resilience
  • Best practices for enabling collaboration and communication across virtual teams 
  • How Cutover helped multiple financial institutions migrate £80 billion in funds to a joint venture fund during this challenging time by leveraging Remote Team Orchestration 

The webinar will be live on Wednesday, April 22nd at 11am EST/4pm BST. Click the link below to sign up:


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