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April 16, 2020

Enabling Remote Teams: The Power of a Cloud-Based Tech Stack

Like most companies of all sizes, at Cutover we are now all working remotely, something we put in place on Monday 16th March. 

As we all get used to this strange new reality, what is most striking is how there’s virtually no adverse impact in terms of access to the systems we need to work effectively. 

The significant impact has been adapting to the lack of face time with colleagues, in particular dealing with the absence of ad-hoc interactions that provide a hidden network for collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and building the team. 

The only real technical challenge we’ve faced has been onboarding new team members. This now involves shipping them a Mac and helping with setup over a Zoom call, rather than a more personal service. In the scheme of things, this has been a pretty minor change. 

It has made me think about the ease and wonder of all the great systems we use and how the SaaS movement has snuck up on us over the last decade to the point that you can run a whole company remotely, with limited warning, and barely even notice.

Cutover’s remote team orchestration capability is helping many of our clients continue to deliver against their strategic goals and make adjustments during these unprecedented times. And we at Cutover are only able to function thanks to the many cloud-based solutions that keep our business running efficiently.  

I suspect the role of cloud and SaaS to curb the economic impact of COVID-19 will prove to be enormous, perhaps even bigger than the often questioned valuations! 

Here are a few of our favorites: 


Over the years businesses have faced many unexpected challenges, but COVID-19 has forced them to adapt practically overnight and we all continue to face uncertainty because of it. Cloud tools like the ones listed above, which allow communication and connectivity for teams that have to work separately, will be hugely beneficial.

Cutover is working alongside major cloud providers to help financial organizations effectively manage their migration to the cloud. To find out more, watch our data center migration video.


About the author


Marcus Wildsmith

Formerly the Global Head of Telco and High Tech practice at a niche global consulting firm, Marcus has 15 years of experience with major launch transition projects including EE (the UK’s largest Telco) and the first UK 4G Services.


Marcus Wildsmith
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