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February 11, 2020

The task "2018" has finished, "Cutover 2019" runbook ready to start

2018 has been a great year for us here at Cutover.

We’re always working hard to ensure our clients are empowered to efficiently manage change by enabling humans and technology to collaborate at pace.

As we come to the end of the year, we wanted to reflect on 2018 and share some updates on our exciting plans for 2019.

Some of our great company highlights from this year include:

  • Opening our US HQ in New York and building our US team
  • Expanding both our UK and US teams with many more great people
  • Strengthening our Board, including the addition of one of the world’s top 40 Fintech Investors
  • Graduating from the New York Fintech Innovation Lab 2018 (watch the video below).
  • Being adopted by a range of exciting new clients, including a major American bank, a large stock exchange group, a global asset manager and a major global hospitality group, demonstrating acceptance of our platform across multiple markets. In fact, our revenues grew by over 300%!
  • Growing our usage within clients to help them with their most exciting and complex sets of enterprise change; one Top 20 global financial institution is using Cutover for their year-end GL closing. Another client use case saw 459 releases perfectly executed over one weekend, which involved 500 people, 4 masseuses, 1 barista and 80 lbs of guacamole!
  • Strengthening partner relations across both the US and Europe
  • Hosting our own thought leadership events, both in London and New York, as well as participating in a selection of great external Agile and DevOps industry events.
  • Taking part in a Hackathon which raised £11,000 for Help For Heroes.


We’ve also made some exciting updates and performance increases in the Cutover platform over the past twelve months, allowing our clients to orchestrate and manage change better than ever.

Enterprise Change Management

With both our existing and new clients, we’re proving out our vision for Enterprise Change Management (ECM). We believe in the importance of supporting the full cycle of enterprise change, from initial strategic roadmap planning right through to analysis of delivery trends and performance. This is achieved by bringing together Business and DevOps functions via Cutover, an approach already proving successful in helping our clients to seamlessly orchestrate and manage change.


Executive View of Change, Release Management and Enterprise Resiliency

Node Map

We’re very proud to have introduced the Node Map this year, a unique and powerful new way to plan and visualise complex change. Users are able to easily view and edit every aspect of their plans, from a high-level overview right down to the all-important details.


It’s been a great year and we’re looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges that 2019 will bring, including:

  • Growing our customer base, helping clients cope with increasing pace, scale, volume and complexity of changes whilst maintaining resilience and helping more clients to achieve enterprise agility
  • Providing an increased capability to orchestrate humans and technology at pace
  • Expanding our relationships and engagement across the US and UK
  • Providing the executive view of enterprise change management to provide CIOs with the insight and control necessary for enterprise agility.

We’d love to grow the customer community even more. If there is anyone you know that you think should be using Cutover, please feel free to make the introduction.

Thank you to all our clients, partners and investors for their fantastic support and guidance to date.

All the best and happy holidays from The Cutover Team
Madz Wakefield
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