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September 28, 2018

Meet the Team: Ken, Chief Revenue Officer

chief revenue officer

Name: Ken Dummitt

Position: Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Previous experience:

I worked for ten years in the business continuity space followed by ten years running a $300 million software company with 8-10 major releases per annum. I’ve also had plenty of involvement with startups and growing companies through consulting and due diligence.


How and why did you get involved with Cutover?

I was introduced to Cutover by an old colleague and was impressed by its potential. The pent-up market demand for a solution like this is huge because people in this space have tremendous challenges. Resiliency and enterprise change management are increasingly complex. No one else can orchestrate humans and technology at pace. No one else has the communications capabilities that are provided by the Cutover platform.

I was also drawn to the great team at Cutover, as everyone is super smart, committed and fun to work with. 

What are your main responsibilities as Chief Revenue Officer?

In my capacity leading sales, marketing, client success and account management I am responsible for customer creation and satisfaction, brand recognition, revenue growth and customer stickiness. 

What are you most looking forward to working on at Cutover?

Getting our message to the marketplace and letting the marketplace know that they can throw out existing paradigms because a solution to their enterprise change and resilience headaches exists. In essence, that the future of enterprise change management is here and our challenge is to get the word out. 

What are your main priorities going forward and what do you see in the future for Cutover?

Going forward, I’ll be focusing on continuing to build on the best team in the industry while building on Cutover’s brand recognition. I believe that in 5-10 years Cutover will be the enterprise change management platform deployed across the globe.

Connect with Ken on LinkedIn


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