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March 30, 2021

Why do you need a workspace for your resilience?

“Always on” technology and service availability went from being a ‘nice to have’ to an absolute necessity a while ago. Secure and robust systems are table stakes for meeting customer expectations of 24/7 access. Even the smallest of service interruptions or security breaches have the potential to cause significant economic, operational, and marketplace disruption. In today’s climate, your business must be able to provide essential services in the face of adverse conditions by anticipating, preventing, adapting to, and recovering from disruptive incidents before they become major events.

Building plans, tests, and recovery plans that prepare you for anything is incredibly complex, so we wanted to enable you to take a holistic approach to resilience in a way that is as simple and intuitive as possible. 

Introducing Cutover’s Resilience Workspace 

Cutover’s Resilience Workspace is a dedicated and tailored platform that empowers large, complex, and regulated organizations to deliver industry-leading operational resilience end to end, in one place.


What’s the point in your recovery plans if they’re not ready to go?

To achieve continuous resilience and 24/7 availability to your customers, your interconnected IT estate needs to have robust change and release capabilities that integrate any changes across processes, people, and infrastructure in real time. This enables you to sustain the integrity of your Business Continuity Management (BCM)/IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR), Crisis Management, Regulatory and InfoSec/Cyber plans. Why is this important? So when you need your recovery plans (and at some point you will) they will execute as expected. 

Why does your organization need a Resilience Workspace?

Our Resilience Workspace is a one-stop-shop for all your BCM/ITDR, InfoSec/Cyber, Crisis/Emergency Management, Regulatory, and Incident Response planning and execution needs. 

All of your current activities handled in one place 

One of the reasons resilience is so challenging is that it encompasses a lot of different obligations, for example:

  • Testing your BCM/ITDR capabilities to create demonstrative evidence of your state of preparedness and execution capabilities
  • Creating an evidentiary trail for regulators
  • Ensuring you can failover, recover, and repatriate your business and IT environments within expected timeframes

All of these activities need to be delivered quickly and consistently, but this becomes more difficult as your business continues to grow in complexity. By managing all your resilience activities in one place, and by templatizing and centralizing all your plans, you can rapidly accelerate your output while remaining consistent. 

No matter your current maturity levels around testing, invoking, or developing plans, when it comes to resilience, speed of delivery is everything. Cutover’s Resilience Workspace is a platform for enterprise-wide resilience orchestration with real-time observability, enabling teams to plan, test, recover, and analyze all resilience activities in one central repository. 

Cutover’s Resilience Workspace enables you and your teams to:

  • Get to where you need to be faster with clear, intuitive navigation dedicated to all your critical resilience activities. Whether it’s your Regulation Roadmap or IT Disaster Recovery plans, by getting to what you need a little faster you can shorten your overall time-to-test or recover, reducing the impacts of an outage
  • Build standardized, repeatable, and customizable runbook templates to take the manual work out of complex business processes, enabling you to meet your goals faster
  • See live dashboards of every event that enable executive stakeholders to watch events unfold, in real time, with communications providing status updates. This includes upstream-downstream dependency mapping and issue resolution, and visibility of every release/change/ITDR/BCM event, enabling you to optimize resource deployments and orchestrate a resilience response more quickly and accurately. For those executing in the event, Cutover eliminates time spent waiting around if there are delays, as they can be called on exactly when they are needed.
  • Delve deeper during the audit stage. Root cause analysis can be conducted to mitigate problems or gaps experienced during an event. If you need to create evidence from an event, Cutover’s robust reporting capabilities enable analysis for post-implementation review.

Are you ready for the Resilience Workspace?

Think of all the time, stress, and uncertainty you could save yourself and your team by replacing all the manual tasks, disparate spreadsheets, static documents, and diagrams, and repetitive meetings involved in each resilience event with a single, intuitive platform. With Cutover’s Resilience Workspace you can plan, test, refine, and execute more efficiently, with faster, more accurate outcomes, enabling you to execute when it matters most. 

As our customers across all industry verticals have told us loud and clear, Cutover has enabled them to transform their businesses to compete more effectively and develop a ‘resiliency culture’ to ensure that every individual, stakeholder, and partner can rest assured that when something bad happens, (and it is not if, but when) they have prepared for it and will execute successfully. 

Cutover’s Resilience Workspace is the first and only solution specifically designed to support large, complex, and regulated organizations in delivering industry-leading operational resilience. 

To see it for yourself and find out more, take a look at our in-depth eGuide, and sign up for our upcoming Resilience Workspace webinar.

Steve Piggott
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