The Cutover Platform

Bring all your work activity together in one user-friendly platform, intuitively designed and easy to operate.

Power your complex events and multi-player programs in a single platform

With Cutover, you can optimize complex work for maximum efficiency, benefit from unparalleled observability, and reduce risk significantly. Retrospective learning and post-event audit preparation is handled with no hassle, thanks to advanced analytics. Easy to set up and roll out, Cutover integrates with a variety of enterprise tools.

Stay in control with My Cutover

The personalized My Cutover dashboard provides each user with a well-ordered, comprehensive view of all their accounts or working groups, events, runbooks, and tasks. From here you can overview all your ongoing and scheduled activity, before focusing on individual tasks.

Build high-precision runbooks

The automated runbook is Cutover’s most essential feature. It details all activities planned for a program, both chronologically and by mapping the relationships, dependencies, and critical paths. Runbooks are powerful tools to deliver programs, and are easy to set up, edit, and manage using Cutover.

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Move quickly by building on previous work

Templated runbooks allow common processes to be rerun and streamlined, increasing efficiency and performance. With little training, users can open an existing template, add their own tasks, and start executing quickly and safely. You can also upload your existing runbooks as CSV files to create new runbooks in Cutover.

Coordinate teams effectively

When building your runbook, you will be able to assign people to different tasks. You can also add stakeholders who will be able to view progress for themselves, removing the need for time-consuming updates. Standard communication tasks like notifying users to begin the next step are automated and delivered through a variety of communication channels.


Monitor events in real time

Runbooks can be rehearsed to identify potential issues and areas for improvement. When you’re ready, you can begin the live run. During execution, it’s easy to track status in real time, communicate with colleagues, and implement any on-the-job adjustments needed.

Gain a long-term view of change

Cutover’s timeline provides visualization and analytics that help you coordinate, optimize, and de-risk your upcoming work. Senior stakeholders get a high-level view of all relevant upcoming programs across the organization, with the ability to drill down into the detail.

Easily monitor progress using live dashboards

Cutover users get live visibility of all programs and tasks, in a real-time automated report, which is easy to share with team members or stakeholders. This enables you to monitor the progress of work across your organization and identify areas that require attention, whether an immediate response is required, or as part of future activities.


Visualize the critical path to success using the node map

Visualize progress and understand your plan’s most important tasks using Cutover’s critical path functionality. The node map displays all tasks as a connected network, enabling teams to easily interpret complex plans like never before.

Access advanced analytics for continuous improvement and audit

Cutover’s robust analytics engine gives you the data you need to continuously improve your internal processes while managing risk and meeting regulatory requirements. Track the performance of work across your organization to answer the important questions.

Use Cutover across multiple devices

Whether you access Cutover from your mobile, your tablet, your laptop, or your desktop computer, you’ll always see the same up-to-date version of events. Keeping teams in sync and on track, wherever they are, has never been easier.


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After the first event run on Cutover, we can’t live without it!
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The most responsive web app we’ve seen to date.
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I am breathing a sigh of relief that a platform like this exists.
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