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Cutover's checklist tasks

Create a checklist of "to-dos"

As an enhancement to Cutover’s automated runbooks, checklist tasks enable teams to create simple task lists from within a runbook.

Checklist tasks have no set duration unlike standard runbook tasks, but they include a due date, so they are effective as a simple prerequisite list of ‘to-dos’ at the start of a runbook. Checklist tasks also have auto-finish functionality, so once clicked, your next task is ready to start.

Runbook view

A runbook consisting of only checklist tasks may be used for less complex programs where a simple task list is sufficient.

Checklist tasks may also be used in the middle or end of a runbook as a list of activities that need to be completed while the runbook is in progress or once the runbook ends. Since Checklist tasks have no start date or duration, they do not add to the runbook duration.

Download the PDF guide