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Q4 2022 Cutover platform release announcement

Cutover Platform Release Announcement for Q4 2022

Cutover is pleased to announce the general availability of a number of new key features delivered throughout Q4, 2022. This announcement includes enhancements for template workflows, task snippets, and other product enhancements for Releases 3.72 - 3.74. Specific feature details for this new Cutover content can be found in the platform’s online help section for release notes.

New features in the Cutover Platform for Q4 2022

Snippets V2 (Release 3.72)

You can now use Snippet Task Type to build advanced decision making and looping into your runbooks. With the Snippet Task Type you can:

  • Insert Decision points into your plans so that users can easily select from best practice Snippets depending on their particular need
  • Create looping snippets, that will continue re-running a process within a runbook until it is no longer required

The Snippet Task Type is available in all Dynamic Runbook Types.

Sub-folders (Release 3.72)

You can now improve the organization of large volumes of runbooks in a workspace with the creation of sub-folders.

Enhanced “Create from Runbook  Template” (Release 3.72)

You can now copy over custom field values when making a copy of a runbook, either by duplicating a runbook or creating a runbook from a template. Default values can also be updated.

Template Workflow (Release 3.73)

The new Template Workflow helps customers reduce inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and execute recovery plans

  • Provide confidence that recovery or cloud migration plans are ready for execution
  • Maintain high quality plans by means of review in a timely manner, through a create/review/approve workflow
  • Ensure recovery/migration success by encouraging users to make use of best-practice templates
  • Provide a forward-looking view of when templates will require a review or will expire

Automated Task Start (Release 3.74)

Customers can automatically execute a task at a (scheduled) predetermined time.Requires dependency on previous task so that an integration can be preconfigured to start autonomously.

All technical documentation and platform release notes can be found in Cutover’s online help center.  Click here to access the Cutover Integration Suite Developer Portal

Public video demonstrations of new and existing functionality can be found here.

For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.