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Microsoft Teams integration

When it comes to communication and collaboration tools for remote teams, if you’re not in the Slack camp, you’re probably in the Microsoft Teams one. So for those teams whose working lives and conversations now exist within the purple walls of the Teams app, Cutover now offers an integration that allows you to post messages directly to MS teams from Cutover.  

You can use this integration to update colleagues on the status and progress of runbooks without the need to go into Cutover itself.

So how does it work? Firstly, there is a specific task type associated with sending a Teams message. This message can be viewed in the details of the task. 

MS Teams 1

When the task is started, the status of the message being sent can be seen. 

The message firing

MS Teams 2

The message has been sent successfully:

Microsoft Teams 3

You can send messages to any channel of your choice to keep your teams informed on the latest progress in Cutover.

MS Teams 4

In a simple step, you can greatly enhance the transparency of your critical work by getting information and updates without leaving Teams.

MS Teams 5

If you’re interested in getting your instance of Cutover integrated to Teams, please contact your customer success manager or support.

To learn more about the Microsoft Teams Integration, check out this video by our product manager, Yichen Wu: