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Multi-Events Dashboard

We’re excited to announce a new feature giving users a real-time view of all events in Cutover, on a single screen - our multi-events dashboard. With the multi-events dashboard, users get a high-level view of all events in Cutover with the ability to drill down into each event as well as their associated runbooks for more detail.  You can stay informed by accessing live updates without disturbing teams. 

All Cutover users have access to the multi-events dashboard within the accounts accessible to them. What’s great about this feature is that you can view the status of all change activity across your business within a specific time-frame so you can identify any scheduling conflicts and enable more efficient planning. 


With the multi-events dashboard you can: 

  • Monitor the progress of work across your business
    Get total transparency with a high-level view of your schedule, and the visualization you need to coordinate, optimize, and de-risk upcoming events in one view. 
  • Identify areas that require immediate attention
    Drill down into the status of individual tasks, or proactively monitor the progression of events to identify potential issues before they become problems, and stay on track. 
  • Continuously improve your internal processes
    A full audit log of activity is automatically captured in the platform, enabling you to conduct implementation reviews quickly, and identify improvements and potential efficiencies easily.   
  • Customize your view based on what matters to you
    Whatever your role in the event, you can build the view you need to monitor, execute, or deliver. 
Multi-events dashboard

 Check out this tutorial from our product manager, Nilesh Samanta, to learn more about how you can leverage the multi-events dashboard in Cutover.



If you’re an existing Cutover customer, contact your Customer Success Manager to get more details about this feature. 

Want to find out more about how Cutover could help you achieve better work orchestration and observability through automation? Contact us to schedule a demo, or email us at For news & updates connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter: @gocutover.