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Post-Implementation Review (PIR)

Feature: The Post-Implementation Review dashboard

There is a famous quote, misattributed to Einstein, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

‘Insanity’ might seem a little harsh, especially when it’s written down like that. Yet, I think most of us could quickly find examples where we’re guilty of repeating actions because it’s familiar and easy, rather than evaluating the efficiency of our actions in any depth and evolving as a result. 

Our latest addition to the Cutover platform delivers the crucial insights you need to effectively optimize repeatable programs of work, identifying issues, refining paths, and uncovering opportunities for adjustment and improvement. 

Introducing post-implementation analytics for continuous improvement 

Cutover’s post-implementation review (PIR) dashboard uses advanced analytics to aggregate all relevant data from a runbook in order to provide teams with a rundown of actionable insights, and a space to log their own feedback. Teams can quickly evaluate whether objectives were met, how effectively a program was executed, and actions required to improve the next program or initiative. 



You can access the PIR dashboard after a runbook has completed, and it can be viewed by runbook administrators, or shared with the wider team for full transparency. 

After a runbook finishes, Cutover’s PIR dashboard provides:  

  • A runbook summary: (what the activity/event was)
  • An execution summary: (what went well, what didn’t, providing a high-level view to indicate possible improvements) 
  • What kinds of resources you used (resource allocation)
  • An option to add qualitative feedback with text fields: (space for details about what happened, any relevant information, for example, performance was increased by 20%)

Here is a post-implementation review example, showing some of the key metrics available, and the areas (like the executive summary) where you can add in qualitative details on the event, such as performance reviews, unexpected challenges, or lessons learned. 

PIR resilience

You can also use the qualitative sections to log the overall value of the program you are delivering. For example, did your event support risk reduction, regulatory compliance, or cost savings? These insights can then be reviewed long-term to evaluate how much time your team spends running activities and initiatives for these key use cases.

Qualitative insights delivered by the PIR dashboard 
  • Task Execution Performance 
  • A comparison of the planned timelines vs. actual performance
  • The number of people added to a runbook vs the number that participated 
  • Task lateness 
  • Wastage of tasks and % against duration
  • Task/runbook flagging during a live run - there is a modal/pop up where you can flag a task and include a comment. This information is useful for issue tracking as it is aggregated at the end, for review. 
  • Burndown of the full duration - to show how the runbook progressed 

The PIR dashboard is a powerful feature that will give your teams better performance insights than ever before. Capture the qualitative and quantitative analytics to drive optimized performance and continuous improvement across your programs of work. 

For more information on Cutover’s PIR dashboard:

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Interested in finding out more about Cutover and the PIR dashboard? Download the PIR fact sheet.

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