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Q3 2022 Cutover platform release announcements

Cutover Platform Release Announcement for Q3 2022

Cutover is pleased to announce the general availability of a number of new key features delivered throughout Q3, 2022. This announcement includes numerous enhancements for user experience, management, and integrations. Specific feature details for this new Cutover content can be found in the platform’s online help section for release notes.

New features in the Cutover Platform for Q3 2022

Cutover Integration Suite (Release 3.68)

The Cutover Integration Suite  simplifies the programmatic creation  and deployment of integrations for your technology stack.

The Cutover Integration Suite consists of integrating to 3rd party applications through pre-built and custom interfaces plus  a Developer Portal that provides guidance and examples to create inbound API calls directly to Cutover. 

Enhance your Cutover experience with easy-to-use integrations: 

  • Save time with  pre-built integrations to commonly used apps.
  • Easily create custom integrations to any third-party platform .

Use the Developer Portal for API examples and the swagger file to help you create your own inbound API calls directly to Cutover.

Snippets (Release 3.67)

Snippets are a predefined set of repeatable tasks that can be easily added anywhere into existing runbooks. They save time and provide your teams a standardized and consistent method to automate common processes.

With snippets you can:

  • Prepare your team to effectively resolve unexpected issues with pre-defined groups of tasks
  • Easily add approved Snippets on the fly with our dynamic runbook technology
  • Create a library of draft and pending Snippets with a simple approval process

For more detailed information, please visit this link in our Help Center.

Multi-runbook dashboard (Release 3.67)

A minor enhancement has been made to the Multi Runbook Dashboard Lateness component, with % values now being shown alongside the existing Lateness value. This change allows users to see at a glance what % of runbooks falls into which category of lateness.

Runbook search for filtering (Release 3.66)

Customers can make use of the runbook search functionality to filter for specific runbooks by entering a list of comma-separated runbook IDs. 

Multi/Single-Runbook Dashboards - Improved options for sending frequency (Release 3.65)

You can now send  Multi- and Single-Runbook Dashboards on a more frequent basis such as hourly, every 30 minutes, or every 15 minutes.

CSV export: Optional change to export data (Release 3.65)

You can now exclude predecessor and successor task information, where the tasks referenced in those columns have been filtered out of the export. 

Dynamic Fields (Release 3.65)

Customers now have the ability to reference a runbook’s text field in its tasks. For example, you can store information such as “client version = EU-1.87.01” at the runbook level and every time you need to reference this information, simply refer to that runbook field, instead of having to manually type it out each time.  

Cutover User Interface Updates (Release 3.63)

A number of changes to the look and feel of Cutover have been made to enhance the user experience and align with accepted industry accessibility standards. There have also been navigational and structural improvements.

Monthly Active Users (MAU*) report

 (Release 3.63)

This report is now available in the Analytics Dashboard. Use this to track user activity within each workspace. 

* A monthly active user (MAU) is a user that logs into Cutover in a given month.

 Multi-Runbook Dashboards refresh (Release 3.63)

This setting has now been updated with a default 10 minute refresh for all users. 

All technical documentation and platform release notes can be found in Cutover’s online help center.  Click here to access the Cutover Integration Suite Developer Portal

Public video demonstrations of new and existing functionality can be found here.

For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.