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Q1 2023 Cutover platform release announcement

Q1 2023 Cutover Release

Cutover is pleased to announce the general availability of a number of new key features delivered throughout Q1 2023.  This announcement includes enhancements for linked runbooks, runbook level integrations, and other product enhancements for Releases 3.73 - 3.79.  Specific feature details for this new Cutover content can be found in the platform’s online help section for release notes.

New features in the Cutover Platform for Q1 2023

  • Runbook Scheduling Phase 1 (3.73)
  • Task Scheduling: Scheduled Auto Finish (3.76) 
  • Runbook Level Integrations: Phase 1 (3.79) 
  • My Work, Phase 1: All Tasks in One View (3.79) 
  • Linked Runbooks (3.79) 
  • New! Developer Portal content 

Runbook Scheduling (3.73)

Save time and reduce manual efforts with Runbook Auto start capabilities: 

  • Increase the number of runbooks that are started on time
  • Facilitate and de-risk large customer events by allowing runbooks to be configured to auto-start 

Scheduled Auto Finish for Tasks (3.76)

Save time and reduce manual efforts with Scheduled Auto Finish: 

  • Schedule tasks to complete based on a set timeframe
  • Specify the duration in days, hours, minutes and seconds

*Not applicable for integration tasks or tasks with end requirements

Runbook Level Integrations (3.79)

Connect Cutover runbooks with other applications or tools to ensure important business information is always updated

Runbook Integrations allows users to link Cutover with other tools ahead of a runbook starting, and without needing to wait for a specific task to execute.

My Work (3.79)

My Work centralizes all assigned tasks in one view enabling you to: 

  • Reduce time searching through runbooks to identify open tasks
  • Easily find, organize, and prioritize tasks based on due dates
  • Quickly understand what’s past due

Linked Runbooks (3.79)

Gain control across multiple runbooks with linked parent/child runbooks that: 

  • Enable more effective delegation of activities whilst retaining tight orchestration control
  • Reduce setup time for complex events, allowing customers to more easily test in a manner that mimics the actions required in responding to an incident
  • Ability to support large scale test events (e.g, 2500+ applications in a single event)

New! Cutover Integration Suite content on the Developer Portal 

New technical integrations content is now available on the Developer Portal including:

  • Integration connection methods
  • Command line scripts for Cutover Connect
  • Microsoft Teams (via Microsoft Graph API) authentication

Further technical content is planned as well as a blog to keep you updated on the best ways to use our API