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We’re excited to announce a new feature enabling users to better navigate the Cutover platform - our Saved Views Panel. This panel is accessible from within an account and provides more intuitive navigation for Cutover users  -- you just need to click on either the runbook or the event icon to get started. The Saved Views panel allows you to create customized views by applying a combination of filters and a type of view, so you and your team can quickly and easily get to where you need to be in Cutover. 

Guided UX

Account managers can create groups and save a range of views within these groups, which are visible to all team members.  Additionally, all users can create their own saved views in the “My Saved Views” section which is only visible to them. Users can use this to store any views they want to quickly access.   

Guided UX 2

You can also save an individual Runbook to the saved views panel. Just click on the settings cog from within a Runbook and click on "Save runbook as saved view".

Guided UX 3

Check out this quick tutorial from our product manager, Pom Beeley, to learn how to take advantage of this new feature! 




At Cutover, we continue to evolve our platform to give our customers the best user experience possible. This is the first in some extremely exciting platform changes coming in the new year, so you can look forward to more updates and improvements.   

If you’re an existing Cutover customer, contact your Customer Success Manager to get more details about the Saved Views Panel. 

Want to find out more about how Cutover could help you achieve better work orchestration and observability? Contact us to schedule a demo, or email us at For news and updates connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter: @gocutover.