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Video conferencing for remote teams

At this point (the start of June 2020), when the ability to see colleagues ‘in profile’ or ‘3D’, is a truly distant memory, there is no doubt that without the productivity and collaboration benefits of video conferencing, our ability to work together would be vastly impaired. 

There is no ‘business as usual’ at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no continuity. We’re seeing large change events and complex initiatives press on in remote working environments and, in many cases, COVID-19 has been the catalyst for these activities. Enabling effective communication is more integral to success right now than ever before. The ability for remote teams to meet quickly to ‘huddle’ around an issue, or proactively add communication milestones for key points needs to be intuitive, fast, and straightforward. Now’s not the time to be slowed down by actions that are within your control. 

As part of our ongoing focus to enable the fast and effective orchestration of remote teams, we have released a new feature to our communications options within Cutover. Introducing our new feature for runbook admins, powered by Jitsi™, to enable video conferencing directly from within a runbook. 

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How does it work? 

When you’re in a runbook, click on the video conferencing icon at the top of your screen, add in the team members you’d like to chat with, and simply start your video call. Your team members will get an email notification with a link to join the video call. Simple and fast, this feature will help your teams communicate, and therefore collaborate and work, at a rapid pace. Video calls are captured on the audit trail for full traceability, accountability, and compliance.   

How do I get this feature in my Cutover instance?

This feature is available to all customers - contact your CSM or our support team to have this enabled. Just remember that you will only be able to see it if you are an admin for the runbook. 


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