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May 1, 2024

AWS Summit London recap: It’s all about generative AI

The AWS Summit season kicked off for the Cutover Team last week with both the Executive and Partner Summit on Wednesday and the general London Summit event on Thursday. It was great to get together with industry leaders and attend some informative talks.

This post is a recap of some of the highlights of the event from the Cutover Team:

Generative AI is a big focus for AWS and customers

AI, and particularly generative AI, was a huge focus at this year’s summit. It was the topic of Amazon Vice President Francesca Vasquez’s keynote speech, where she introduced Amazon Q, Amazon’s new generative AI assistant. She explained that:

“Customers want AI with speed and ease and without machine learning expertise.”

AWS VP Francesca Vasquez's keynote speech focused on AI

In other words, generative AI can help users without extensive technical or AI skills to achieve great things and streamline their work. Understandably, everyone in the tech world is excited about all the potential applications and advantages of AI in the near future.

At Cutover, we’re no different. We announced last week that we’re bringing generative AI to Cutover’s recovery runbooks. We’re leveraging GenAI tools such as Amazon Bedrock and Claude from Anthropic, which will advance Cutover’s automated runbooks to help our customers manage IT, cyber and cloud disaster recovery more efficiently. Find out more about how AI will be incorporated into Cutover runbooks.

Cutover and AWS are helping customers accelerate cloud migration

It was great to have impactful conversations with people in this space at the conference. Cutover’s Partner Team was joined by colleagues in the AWS Global Practice Organization (GPO) to co-present to a select number of prospects and customers about our recent joint success with a prominent European bank on their migration to AWS using Cutover. By leveraging Cutover’s Integration Suite to connect to AWS Services like Cloud Migration Factory, in just a few months the bank has already achieved four times faster cloud migration.

Some members of Cutover’s leadership team also caught up with Francesca Vasquez to discuss Cutover’s ongoing partnership with AWS and how we’re helping our customers with cloud migration and disaster recovery.

Cutover Chief of Staff & VP Partners Elad Cohen Toren and Cutover CEO Ky Nichol with AWS VP Professional Services and GenAI innovation center Francesca Vasquez and Cutover technology advisor and board member Dave McCann

Find out more about Cutover’s partnership with AWS and how we can help your organization or sign up for our upcoming webinar: On-premises and AWS cloud recovery challenges and strategies to learn from the experts at AWS, Cutover and more.

Chloe Lovatt
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