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August 23, 2019

The Challenge of Disparate Data for CIOs Managing Change

An increasing rate of change is leading to greater pressure on CIOs to deliver more change, faster while remaining resilient. According to one CEO, “From an organizational and cultural perspective, the CIO is now faced with a full transformation to digital, enterprise-wide.” One obstacle to this is siloed and disparate data held in tools throughout the enterprise. Most large organizations have an array of legacy and new systems that make visibility difficult and can hinder change and innovation.

Disparate data and information held in various enterprise tools can lead to a number of issues. To begin with, you can’t automate or innovate what you can’t see. How are you supposed to run an efficient change event and foresee obstacles if you can’t even keep track of all the data you need and where it is held? 

Siloed data can also lead to problems with collaboration and communication, as no-one has the full set of information they need to work with. The mix of old and new systems can mean different types of data are held in various places and locating it in a timely manner can be challenging. It can also make it difficult to move from an old to new system while maintaining data quality and security. Switching between human and automated tasks in various enterprise tools can also be inefficient and time-consuming.

Fortunately, Cutover is now providing a way to keep all change data from throughout the enterprise in one place, where it can be easily accessed and utilized to its full potential. Our latest releases will allow users to visualize event data and review and analyze changes that are both native to Cutover and sourced from third-party systems. Users will also be able to reference and link to third-party data in events, runbooks and tasks. 

This new interoperability between existing systems and Cutover will create better visibility and analytics of all change happening within the organization, both current and planned. To find out more, check out our Change is Changing blog on the new challenges in enterprise change and how Cutover helps to solve them. 

Chloe Lovatt
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