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Cutover Enterprise Launch: Vision

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At the launch of the new version of the Cutover platform CEO Ky Nichol shared our vision for the future of the company, the product and the wider world of work. Watch the video below:


“What do we mean by ‘Cutover Enterprise?’ Enterprise to us means connecting the business processes, it means connecting the business tools, but most importantly it means connecting the people.

In terms of vision, we’ve worked with many of you to establish leading positions in the markets of Release and Resilience Management. We don’t just think of these as fantastic markets in themselves, but also we think of these as providing us great guidance on the future use of Cutover. Our long-term vision is to build on those initial markets and provide a huge positive impact on the wider world of work.

Let me take you on a parallel journey: the autonomous car. Autonomous driving is image recognition at thirty times a second. Before you can unlock the vastly improved driving experience, you first have to solve the image recognition problem of: is it a dog or a blueberry muffin? i.e. providing structured data to the application.

It’s exactly the same in the world of work. Before you can unlock the vastly improved experience, you must first solve the problem of lots of unstructured data. Everywhere we look across the enterprise, our work is hidden like dark matter - Excel spreadsheets, phone calls, emails - very hard to optimise and very hard to provide any benefit. We’re going to change an awful lot of that and provide a fantastic opportunity for optimisation. On this journey, though, Cutover will remain all about the people. We’ll continue to provide high-quality telemetry to the people at the point of need.

Where we have been working with our clients to help them with events we’ve helped them tackle challenges such as this - where the thousands of critical activities that take place over those few key days are represented by the nodes in the diagram and the lines between them represent the dependencies. This is a technical event in banking, but it roughly has the same complexity as the opening ceremony of an Olympic Games. Where we’ve helped our clients tackle things like this, they’re seeing benefits in the areas of things like a reduction in overall event duration, they’re seeing a reduction in event failure rates and, through vastly improved collaboration, a reduction in associated risk.

It’s all about the data and we’re collecting data and building the application in the harshest of enterprise environments: releasing technology to banking systems that operate 24/7, handling billions per day, where every second counts. The application models developed here will provide benefit in diverse use cases in diverse industries.

Cutover is the platform for harmonised human and machine activities across the enterprise. To deliver on that vision, we’re going to have to continue to work with and learn from our great customers and also to deliver on three key milestones:

First up, open up in New York by mid-2018 to give us access to North America and that market.

By the end of 2018, to have released a wider range of product offerings to address adjacent marketplaces.

And, starting 2019, to scale dramatically for other industries and other geographies.

It should also see us be able to deliver on our values, as Richard mentioned earlier. Values such as giving back, and we’ve already started our programme where Cutover can be used for free in wider resilience circumstances where charitable organisations need to mobilise rapidly.

Thank you all very much for all of your support. I’m tremendously excited by what Marcus is going to show you later in the programme today, and by the future and what we can do together with Cutover and I invite you to continue to join us on this exciting journey.

Thank you very much.”