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September 6, 2022

Cutover helps enterprises move to the AWS Cloud with speed and simplicity

Cutover’s Guided Cloud Migration Starter Package on AWS Marketplace speeds up and simplifies cloud migrations with templated runbooks

LONDON, UK, September 6, 2022 – Cutover, a leading cloud solution for Collaborative Automation, today announces its Guided Cloud Migration offering available on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace. This offering enables enterprises to accelerate cloud migrations by connecting teams, applications, and technology with automated runbooks

Enterprises face fierce pressures and complexities when moving workloads to the cloud. According to a recent McKinsey survey, 75% of cloud migrations are over budget and 38% fall behind schedule. From cloud migration assessment and planning through migration and decommissioning on-premises applications, companies need the right technology tools to automate manual processes and move workloads to the cloud, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that customers can use to find, buy, deploy and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions to run their businesses on AWS. Cutover’s Guided Cloud Migration Starter Package, now available on AWS Marketplace, improves the assessment, mobilization, and cloud migration execution, reducing costs and risks while providing full visibility into task execution. 

A global bank recently standardized its cloud migrations, creating a repeatable, scalable process using Cutover, resulting in: 

  • Migrations are completed up to three times faster thanks to real-time monitoring of the central cloud program and lines of business, giving a clear view of progress and providing opportunities to course correct in real time.
  • Up to 50% less time spent in AWS migration phases through task automation, third-party integrations, and the minimization of human error.
  • Reduced costs by decommissioning applications on schedule, systematically eliminating risks, and measuring progress in real time. 
  • Zero incidents thanks to pre-set guardrails as recommended by AWS to provide greater control and visibility.
  • 100% compliance thanks to the automated audit trail that records all the tasks completed and their verified owners.

The Starter Package is the perfect starting point for companies evaluating a move to the AWS Cloud. It includes templated runbooks built from AWS guidance and AWS ProServe best practices, technical documentation, and in-application guides. Templated runbooks with common tasks, migration plans, and dependencies create a single source of truth for AWS Cloud migrations. 

“Simplifying IT complexities is part of our mission at Cutover”, states Ky Nichol, CEO of Cutover. He continues, “We’ve seen enterprises face various challenges in their cloud journeys and have built our dynamic, automated runbooks to help them bring order to the chaos, connecting and automating processes carried out by both people and technologies. This new guided cloud migration offering is our next step and an expansion of our relationship with AWS. We’re thrilled to help our customers simplify and scale their cloud migrations.”

Learn more about our Guided Cloud Migration Starter Package by visiting Cutover’s listing on the AWS Marketplace.  

About Cutover

Cutover is the leading cloud solution for Collaborative Automation, connecting teams, applications, and technology. Cutover’s dynamic, automated runbooks enable users to accelerate cloud migrations, optimize IT disaster recovery, and advance IT operations. Cutover is trusted by thousands of users from leading enterprises around the world, including three of the top five global banks.

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Kimberly Sack
Cloud Migration
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