There's More to DevOps Than Fast Tech Delivery

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Chloe Lovatt

February 7, 2019

DevOps has enabled many enterprises to implement change more quickly and efficiently. However, for many, full DevOps automation is still a long way off - in fact, most enterprises are less than 10% of the way there. They need to think carefully about how the goal of adopting DevOps aligns with wider business needs, and how humans will continue to play a role in an increasingly automated workplace.

Enterprise Agility

Although 80% of all business change is technologically enabled, the true goal should be to achieve agility at an enterprise level. Enterprise Agility will be achieved when everyone within the enterprise, across both the business and technology functions, is able to visualize, plan and anticipate change in real time. Change readiness includes training, compliance and the movement of people in any impacted areas of the current operating model, not just the implementation of new technologies. This is why DevOps cannot be viewed simply in terms of technology; we must also consider culture, process and values in order to achieve the wider business goal of Enterprise Agility.

Long-Term Change Planning

Another major problem many organizations face is understanding business goals in the long term, especially from the perspective of those responsible for delivering the change. Breaking down change into smaller, more manageable pieces that are released constantly is great for increasing productivity, but are these incremental changes necessarily meeting overarching business goals? Alongside faster delivery, there also needs to be improved visualization and a link back to the original business requirements to ensure a substantive return on investment. Planning efficiently and effectively for change delivery, release and deployment requires a long-term, enterprise-level view of change, as well as orchestration between humans and technology to be fully effective and resilient.

Enterprise Change Management

Cutover’s Enterprise Change Management (ECM) enables you to visualize all upcoming change from Project Portfolio Management through to the key strategic milestones for business enablement. This long-term view can relate every change to a specific business goal (e.g. GDPR, ring-fencing, Brexit), so that the aim of each change is never lost, with real-time visualization allowing you to ensure that they all remain on track to meet the business deadline.

Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability Platform helps by eliminating the antiquated Change Management processes focused on change ticket creation and sign-offs. This eliminates the massive amount of wastage and opportunity cost incurred through the constant rescheduling of change activity.

Cutover can help you to make sense of your change landscape, identify opportunities for automation and orchestrate humans and technology at pace. Request a demo to see the platform in action for yourself.

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