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What is Enterprise Change?

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Mark Heywood
: Richard, we’ve talked about change very much in pure technology terms - it’s not just about technology is it? There are events that we know are coming further down the line in which surely something like Cutover could help. Brexit would seem to be an obvious example of that: the planning and logistics that are around that change program… surely Cutover can help with that?

Richard Bell: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Change is a huge label. It goes from very technical, specific minor works right the way through to those transformational programs. Probably the most topical one at the moment is Brexit and an organization’s readiness for that. That’s not going to be a single release or even a single project; it is a vast program of multi-threaded streams of activity that will come together at different key milestone checkpoints that ultimately lead to the key milestone of “Brexit readiness” and organizations being able to visualize that entire story: ultimately the convergence taking place on that readiness point and understanding the critical path of all of those activities to get to that point. Today, for most organizations, that’s a spreadsheet exercise.

Mark Heywood: So a very time-bound example then, a bit like the year 2000 - there was an end point, it couldn’t be moved, it’s going to happen, we need to understand the ramifications of that.

Richard Bell: Yes! And, more recently, the ring-fencing activities that banks have gone through to segregate parts of their businesses and their operating models. Hard dates, failure not an option - therefore transparency in visualization and orchestration absolutely critical.

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