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November 1, 2018

Enterprise Change Management: 4 Tips for Success

Managing enterprise change can be laden with risk, cost and complications. Organizations are expected to adapt to an increasing degree in order to remain competitive, with over 80% of change leaders anticipating the number of change initiatives in their organizations to increase over the next two years.

With 70% of change programs reportedly failing to achieve their goals, it’s important to consider the factors for successful change.

enterprise change

So what are the key areas to consider?

  • Research shows that the most successful transformations are the ones that have involved employees at all stages and at all levels. In fact, the clear definition of employee roles, along with consistency in communication and a continual provision of progress visibility, have been shown to contribute to an average increase of 25% in success rate.
  • Digital has incredible power to drive change. Supporting employees with new technology helps to empower people to do their work while helping to embed new digital tools into their daily processes.
  • Creating and supporting connections between every person across the organization involved in the change allows for direct collaboration without hindrance.
  • Creating a community for employees to come together, share ideas, problem-solve and view their progress as one entity helps to foster a sense of community and shared experience.
Want to find out more?

Cutover is the work orchestration and observability platform that actually allows you to orchestrate and manage change. Amazingly, it also provides you with visibility into every process. In addition, it provides the much sought-after source of record for change and resiliency events.

Better than anyone, Cutover structures disparate data and then enables humans and technology to collaborate at pace - hundreds of humans, myriad technologies, thousands of tasks - all managed in hours, minutes, seconds.

To find out more, download our fact sheet.

Chloe Lovatt
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