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May 28, 2020

Feature focus - ITSM integrations in Cutover

We often get asked how Cutover works with existing IT Service Management solutions that businesses rely on daily for change management, like ServiceNow and Remedy. This blog post takes a closer look at how Cutover can extend the value of your ITSM tools to deliver technology change more effectively. 

We will start by running through some of the key responsibilities and characteristics of ITSM solutions when it comes to change.

Change management

ITSM tools are used to run an organization’s change management process in a controlled and standardized manner, ensuring the ultimate efficiency of the IT services lifecycle. 

Change requests 

The initial process for effective change management is the centralized creation and management of change requests. Every change should be submitted via a request which outlines the details, reasoning, priority level, risk, and change type for the item. ITSM tools enable a transparent, fully-documented view of change requests.

Approval, authorization, and ticketing

When managing a high volume of change across an enterprise, it’s crucial that all status tracking takes place on one interface, so that it is easy to maintain and track. If there is no unified view, planned changes could suffer conflicts in scheduling or compatibility, or non-compliant changes might slip through the gaps. ITSM tools like ServiceNow or Remedy are able to effectively centralize all requests, approvals, and authorizations, and this ability to offer a single system of record for change leads to the next benefit of ITSM tools: governance and compliance. 

Governance and compliance 

Due to the capabilities outlined above, ITSM tools are an effective system of record for change, enabling organizations to use them for governance. For most organizations, maintaining a ‘single source of truth’ for all change requested, approved, and planned is crucial to achieving compliance and avoiding regulatory issues or fines. 

So why would you need Cutover if you have ITSM?

While ServiceNow, Remedy, and similar tools are effective at managing the responsibilities we’ve covered so far, when it comes to the end-to-end orchestration and management of change there are some crucial gaps in their capabilities. 

The ability to orchestrate the change

ITSM tools enable you to ‘see’ the change, but not ‘do' it and this is where Cutover’s integration comes in. By integrating your ITSM solution with Cutover, you can link your change requests to a runbook - which means that you can execute tasks associated with the change and leverage the data feeding through from your ITSM service. This facilitation streamlines the entire change lifecycle, offering organizations a method of engaging with ITSM data that was never before possible. 

Visibility of long-term planning

Another area where these tools fall short is the long-term planning and observability of change events and any subsequent activities, such as optimization, rescheduling conflicts, or readiness checks ahead of change approval. With Cutover, you can see a full event timeline for all planned and proposed change long-term, allowing you to pre-empt potential issues and schedule effectively. 

How to link change requests in Cutover

If you have Cutover integrated with your ITSM tool, leveraging these benefits is really straightforward. Simply create a runbook in Cutover and link your ServiceNow or Remedy change request. The change request will show the status and window. 


You can check the change request status here, and the change window. All the data you need from your ITSM tool will be visible in Cutover, for example, who approved the change request and which team is working on it.

What happens when you get started?

When you start your runbook, the change request will automatically update in your ITSM tool to show that it’s in progress. In order to support auditing and governance, Cutover will also automatically capture the start and end times and feed it back into your ITSM service.


Once the runbook completes, you can close out the associated change request in Cutover with a status and notes, and these will both flow back into your ITSM tool.


As you can see above, you can select multiple change requests and bulk-update them to save time. All data associated with your change request will be automatically pushed back into ServiceNow or Remedy.


By leveraging the tight integration between Cutover and your ITSM tool, you can elevate end-to-end change management to achieve better visibility and bridge the gap between ‘seeing’ your change in one place, and actually ‘doing’ the change execution. Data is moved securely and seamlessly between the two services to keep team members informed and to maintain a full track record for governance and compliance.

For more information on Cutover’s integrations with ITSM tools, like ServiceNow or Remedy, contact us or download the ServiceNow integration fact sheet.

Make sure to check back regularly on the blog for more product updates and news!

Emma Robinson
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